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Beck-Limbaugh fan lashes out at the Pentagon; we told you so


  • Brian M. 6 years ago

    This is the most blatant example of propaganda I've found on this site. You're engage in exactly the same kind of distortion you are railing against. There is no evidence whatsoever that anything Limbaugh or Beck did or said had any causal effect on this man. Liberals always use this ploy. "Oh, look who he read or listened to", as if there is an affirmative link between the two. But when a liberal, like the professor in Alabama, goes off the deep end, there is no examination of who she listened to or read. I just looked back through your older articles. You are an unabashed propagandist who doesn't even bother to pretend you're trying to be objective. And I see you have a history of attacking commenters who disagree with you (and an obvious obsession with Beck), so I won't be surprised when you attack this response.

  • Alec Martin 6 years ago

    Are there any facts in this article to connect the perpetrator to Beck and Limbaugh?
    Sick, twisted people and their ideologies come from all spectrums.
    This man's family knew that he needed help and was probably dangerous.
    What about the crazy Obama supporter in Alabama that opened fire on people at the college because she didn't get her tenure?
    She was SUCH an Obama supporter that even her friends said her mindless adoraation of her Messiah was "off putting."

    Try writing an article with facts instead of your baseless muck raking.

  • Tom Hawkins 6 years ago

    Where were you when all the reports about the left-wing views of the Fort Hood shooter came out. Eerily silent, if I remember...along with almost all the media. You leftists are going down big....and you know it...I cannot wait!!

  • Phil 6 years ago

    If you come out of Mom's basement for a bit, you would know he is a registered Democrat and posted about Bush being behind the "demolition" of WTC 7.

    Nice try. Now go back to watching Obermann on your DVR.

  • Chris C 6 years ago

    This should be considered slander. At minimum it is an opinion piece and not news. But this is exactly why liberal news is going down. You slandered the Tea Parties while the democratic union members were beating people up. From the EVIDENCE, he sounds like a liberal. But when it comes to conservatitves, I have yet to see a non-bias non-opinionated piece from this or any liberal rag!

  • mommadona 6 years ago

    I see .@glennbeck s little minions are out and about - he keeps some perky puppies at Fox just to hit any online mentions of "Der Planner"

    I believe Beck is being funded and enabled by the Mormon church and its political arm.

    So far, .@stopbeck has managed to discontinue his advertisers in Europe and working hard on the US ones.

    Ailles "in it for da bucks" somehow ignores this dollar drain - so, obviously Mr Lonesome Rhodes is being floated on the wings of FOX/FUX (aka JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY+FEDERALIST SOCIETY=FASCISTS-R-US)

    I've challenged Glenn Beck to an adult duel. His choice of time/space/weapon. I will be packing glock.

    89 days and counting = "call me", Glenn. Let's get this sorted out like two adults, m'k? (PS =ZOLOFT, dude=does wonders for that paranoid feelings)

  • Doctor W 6 years ago

    This is a perfect example of CONFORMATION BIAS the assumption that listening to conservative radio will somehow trigger a disproportionate act. I ask where is your evidence? Never mind that he likelschizophrenia with paranoia which in and of itsef causes a delusional thinking about being punished or persecuted. They typically believe without reason that others are trying to hurt, harm or exploit or decieve. (see the DSM IV psychiatric handbook for further details) In other words they really don't need a Limbaugh or Beck to introduce the thoughts of persecution as they are quite capable of manufacturing this all on thier own. I suggest you prefect your journalism before taking on the role of physician. I suggest you read the article found in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, Volume 102, Supplement 407, December 2000 , pp. 63-67(5) which says the possibilty of being a victim of an individual with schizophrenia is actually less than being injured by some one who is mentally healthy!

  • StewartIII 6 years ago

    "This searing indictment might have been more convincing if Bourgeois had done at least a modicum of fact-checking before making the preposterous leap from "9/11 truther" to "Glenn Beck fan". In fact, "truthers" are anything but Beck admirers. They are his bitter enemies:"
    "Item: Beck calls 9/11 truthers [insane and dangerous]*."

    "Item: Truthers attack Beck (the "swine whore of nazi zionism") for [leading the charge]* against them."

    "Item: 9/11 truther to [sue Glenn Beck]* for defamation."

    "Item: 9/11 truther launches campaign to [send garbage]* to Glenn Beck at the Fox News Channel."
    J$P: Fox Haters Week in Review

  • Brian M. 6 years ago

    Mommadonna, you need to get a grip. All you did was a bunch of name calling, some nazi references and make a not so thinly veiled threat to shoot the Glen Beck. On second thought, keep talking. It just exposes what people like you and this so-called writer are truly like. This will be my last response here. We won't convince this guy that he is engaging in yellow journalism, but every time we come here, he gets paid. The best thing we can do is NOT view his article....just marginalize him and let the far left fringe pay him

  • jackie12 6 years ago

    I needed to find some Informal Fallacies for my Logic essay in school. Thank you for stuffing so many into this tiny article for me! ^_^

  • big john 6 years ago

    You idiot, the guy was a left wing kook. For christ sake he was a registered DEMOCRAT and a 911 truther. Do some research before spouting off dummy.

  • Jason 6 years ago

    I love how people hate Beck because he's kind of a nut, even though he's right most of the time just with an off-putting delivery to some. One more thing, how does this sorry excuse for a journalist have a job. Your next article should be about how Sarah Palin eats babies or Newt Gingrich is secretly breeding atomic super dogs in his basement to attack minorities. Both those stories would have the same validity and probably as many "facts" as this piece. Luckily there are still people out there that think for themselves.

  • Jason 6 years ago

    On the other hand, thanks for not blaming this one on Bush.

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