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Beck and Palin talk about faith and hope for the country


  • Tony Huston, TX 6 years ago

    Plain-spoken-Palin maybe, but Glenn Beck is the one who pull the blanket back of the politicians in bed with special interest, lobbyist and union leaders.

  • Kaitlyn K 6 years ago

    Palin is more than a target. She is a representative. The media says she has star quality, her and Obama, I do not argue that. She just finished a photo opt with In Touch magazine. Sarah has a conservative governing hand, but it is her willingness to take on the big dogs and come out alive that is the big drawl. The people that hate her the most are the ones proving that she can take what ever they dish out.

  • Penny Barrell 6 years ago

    I got "Going Rogue" for Christmas and I'm halfway through it. I just like how she tells the story without putting a big slant on everything. The stories stand up on their own or fall on their own. All she is responsible for is telling the way it happened. There is no spin doctor.

  • Greg Williams 6 years ago

    Could somebody explain why they see this woman as a viable leader? Yeah, she is good looking, great smile, knows how to wink (real lost art). She is not qualified to govern. When Alaska thaws out from they will figure this out.

  • Ivey 6 years ago

    I like her Greg. What more do you need to know. Just because you would not vote for her does not mean that no one else would. If she is not to your liking you have the right not to vote for her. But, it will be a shock is she is not running in 2012.

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