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Because They Can't: Bon Jovi show at New York State Fair axed by Cuomo

Summer is heading into the home stretch, which means the days are slowly getting shorter, back-to-school is a few weeks away, and for New Yorkers tis the season for the annual New York State Fair.

Bon Jovi performs at Hyde Park, London 7/5/13
Photo courtesy / Simone Joyner, Getty Images

What better way to ease into Labor Day than by eating too many corndogs and trying to snort the powder off those deep fried elephant ears before you throw them all up on the person in front of you on the ride midway?

How about doing all that to a live Bon Jovi soundtrack in the background while the band rocks out the Chevy Court; or, with your Mom and Aunt losing their minds in the grandstands screaming louder and wearing lower cut tops than you’ve seen them wear in your entire life?

Sure it ‘feels sumthin’ like summertime’, but in New York, where you can make it anywhere it seems you just can’t perform where you want to, especially when it comes down to giving the slightest hint of impropriety with the voting public, thus ruffling a few feathers.

Bon Jovi, beer, and hot sweaty groupies from generations past and present wearing skimpy halters and bikini tops and practically Zumba-dancing to a smattering of songs from the band’s ceaseless thirty year career.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

You see, the New York State Fair has been an annual summer rite of passage near Syracuse dating back to 1841, and was all set to host Bon Jovi and opening act Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes in the Chevy Court until, that is, the Guv put the kibosh on the rock n roll revelry.

According to reports from New York Daily News online as sourced from the Syracuse Post Standard, Governor Cuomo pulled the plug on Bon Jovi’s planned appearance so as to not give the appearance of impropriety.

Specifically, band namesake Jon Bon Jovi was to play a $1,000 a-plate fundraiser on August 25, to be followed up by the band’s performance three days later. Apparently Cuomo worried more about how it would look than what the benefit would be to his campaign coffers and fair-going voters in the New York area.

Never mind that live musical acts have been playing the fair for years: everyone from Sonny and Cher to Bruno Mars and Lady Antebellum have set new attendance records in the Chevy Court that Bon Jovi would most certainly have shattered for all eternity.

As for playing private fundraisers for politicians somehow being wrong, clearly Cuomo’s handlers didn’t due their due diligence in determining that Jon Bon Jovi the rock star never mixes his political inclinations and charitable efforts with those of his band.

All they had to do was look at past political appearances by Jon Bon on behalf of presidential candidate John Kerry in 2008 and Barack Obama’s re-election efforts in 2012 to figure out that the man shoulders his politics and his philanthropy on his own and ne’r the twain’ shall meet.

Cuomo’s knee-jerk decision flies in the face of logic.

Bon Jovi’s appearance would have brought untold thousands of fans to the fair thereby increasing admission and concession revenue at a time when city planners are digging and scratching for every coin to toss in the hopper.

As the New York Daily News online reported, the show was expected to generate $1.1 million in revenue for the fair.

And talk about typical political spin! After disappointing thousands of Bon Jovi fans and fair-goers with his flaccid decision to abort the appearance, the Governor said “An entertainer like Jon Bon Jovi is very busy and sometimes the dates of when you want them don’t line up”.

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