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Because I say so


Sean Dufy. Burn out sun, 2003 42"x33"x33" Courtesy Scholl Collection and Frost Art Museum

The Frost Art Museum at Florida International University presents Because I Say So…, from April 17 through August 16. Located on 1975 S.W. 17th Street, the museum is offers always a high quality programming.

Because I Say So… is an amazing exhibition featuring selections from the contemporary sculpture collection of Debra and Dennis Scholl. Displaying larger scale sculptural works, the show is a unique opportunity to enjoy a representative selection from this often-unseen sculpture contemporary art collection.

The names of Debra and Dennis Scholl have been in the forefront as collectors and supporters of contemporary arts for more than 30 years. At the very beginning, their interest on photographic artworks made them internationally renowned. Since the past ten years, a new passion visited the inspired collectors: the passion for the contemporary sculpture.

The idea behind the show is to break the extended conviction of the sculpture as a noble art related to traditional materials. Thus, the visitor will find works made out of paper, felt, fabric, leaves, plastic, concrete, beads, pins, Styrofoam, fabric, or paper foil. The exhibition showcases the work of very talented contemporary artists such as Kori Newkirk, Robert Morris, Olafur Eliasson , Thomas Hirschhorn, Jeremy Deller, Kori Newkirk, Arturo Herrera, Brian Jungen, among others. The works of Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova and Bert Rodriguez represent local artists.

Vetti V, 1993, by Robert Morris, included in this exhibition, is a magnum opus of conceptualism and minimalism. With an impressive economy of resources –pink, gray and black felt and a tube-, Morris recreates the cryptic universe of the pagan deity Vetti which becomes the effective allegory to talk about ontological human issues, such as, eroticism, believes, misconceptions and destruction.

Sean Duffy delights us with his Burn Out Sun, 2003. Twenty LPs are bent together creating a sort of puzzle or a flower or a buck ball or a disco ball, and standing on a metal tripod. The sculpture is a poetic and concise commentary about the ephemeral cycle of fame and failure, the lost of functionality and the transfer of meanings using the Sun records label founded in Memphis on 1952 as a metaphor.

Once inside the gallery, we fill the presence of imponderables such as Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein, Joseph Beuys, Fluxus, Donald Judd, Robert Rauschenberg, Martin Kippenberger, among others.  All the artists included in the exhibition dialogue with the space looking for new perceptive experiences that compel our notions to new perspectives and defies.

“An assault on the senses –affirms the curator, Carol Damian, in the catalog-, the exhibition exposes the pretensions of the art world with echoes of a Duchampian openness to new developments, use of chance and juxtaposition, and espoused use of assemblage and gathering of objects.”

Because I say so… is a new exploration around art boundaries, and the redefinition of art: a remarkable opportunity to enjoy a unique selection of provocative and representative cutting-edge contemporary art.