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Because God really loved the world

Easter Sunday is upon us once again and as such it becomes important for those of us within Christianity to reflect on what defines us as Christians.

Because God really loved the world
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Easter however, isn't about what’s important to Christians alone; the Easter event is actually about God and all of humanity.

There is probably no greater Biblical passage which sums up the entire Easter experience in one nice, neat little yet beautiful theological package than John 3:16.

Most of us learned this verse early on in our childhood; rather it was in Sunday school, Catechism classes or Summer Bible schools.

John 3:16 says it all, “For (or because) God so (or really) loved the world, He gave His only begotten (one and only) son (Jesus) that whosoever (anyone) believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting (eternal) life”.

But the next verse is as powerful as the previous verse, “For (because) God sent not (or didn't send) His son (Jesus) into the world to (for the purpose of) condemn (ing) the world (force us to continue to live under the burden and weight as well as condemnation of the Ten Commandments) but (rather) that through Him (Jesus) the world might (can) be saved”. (John 3:17)

In essence the entire Easter story is wrapped up in these two verses.

The Apostle John (who is credited as the possible human author of these passages) must have been truly inspired as he stood at the foot of the cross with Jesus’s mother Mary and Mary Magdalene while looking up at Jesus giving His life on the cross for all of humanity for all time.

As far as we know, John who was known as “the beloved” by Jesus was the only one of the original twelve disciples actually at the crucifixion. It was this John, to whom Jesus directed His Mother Mary’s attention to and said, “Woman, behold your son”. (John 19:26) This was a designation of Jesus’s continued care and support of the one who had been the vessel of the Immaculate Conception and gave Him birth and incarnation as a man. Jesus loved Mary as any son would have and wanted her to know He was not leaving her alone.

John 3:16-17 is all about God’s love and how much He loves us and the fact that like Mary His mother, He will not leave us alone.

God proved through His birth that He could become a man, live as a man, live under the burden of the law He had given to man through Moses, die as a man and ultimately be resurrected as a man.

Wow, it sounds like one of the best science fiction stories ever but there is no fiction here (although possibly allot of Godly science we couldn't even begin to imagine); it is all fact.

God did it all and gave up all of heaven, finally giving His life for all of humanity in order that we can live life to its maximum potential without the fear of condemnation from God if we unintentionally break the law given to Moses; or even if we break a law intentionally through temptation, we can still seek His forgiveness and He will forgive us but we must be repentant and believe in Him.

Easter is indeed celebrated by Christians throughout the world but the Easter story isn't just about what Jesus did for those of us who believe; nor is it just about the amazing and miraculous story of His physical resurrection.

Easter is about why God left all of the glory of heaven to become a simple human being.

God loves us and His love, the greatest love of all is freely available to anyone that believes.

Dear Father how we thank you for the miracle that is Jesus and your love for us, may we walk daily as you walked here on earth loving each other and even our enemies as we share your wonderful eternal love.

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter.

© 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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