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Because drinkin' and singin' is the rule of the night

The Country Bar and Grill: “Bar and Grill”. LOCATED: Uptown/Lyn-Lake; 3006 Lyndale Ave. So. (tel. 612-824-7859); on Lyndale just south of Lake St.

     Yeeehaw, let’s get on down and “sing it out, sister.” That’s right cowpokes, we got a regular hoedown goin’ on. Yes, right here in river city, and it’s no further than the face on your nose (and don’t think this write-up will be full of prose). “Whas’ up wit dat?... a little dis, and a little dat” she sang, “and don’t come here if you’re full of c - - p,” she said. “And don’t come here if you’re not ready for fun... karaoke has just started, git on in if you’re ready for fun.”
     Wait a second, what’s this place about? And who’s in there, and once in — how do you get out?
For those of you who haven’t yet brought your boots to rest in The Country Bar, you can walk wide, but you can’t walk too far. Because right here in the heart of our town, behind their yellow and orange façade, you’ll find one of the most unique drinking haunts around. Once in, you can have a good time, but if you’ll set your butt down, it just can’t be bad.
     To suggest that the craziness can break out on any given day, at any particular time, is as near to an understatement as you’re gonna find “round this way.” And not to push the point, but if you haven’t found yourself leaning on the most characteristically unique bar-rail in town, you’ve yet to discover the true meaning of “horsin’ around.”
     So meander on down to The Country Bar and before you do, clear your throat. Just plan when you leave not to wander too far. ’Cause drinkin’ and singin’ is the rule of the night, and if you have a concern for your rep, or if you suffer from self-fright, get over it now don’t even come in — at least, that is, unless you plan to join in. Just when you come, come here for fun... what more can we say... or for the wings, easily the best in Uptown — they’ll fill your gullet, they’re not messin’ around.
     And, if you’re lookin’ for an escape, any time of the day, this bar is open, that much we can say, and if ’bout now you’re tired of this rhyme, go down to The Country Bar, you’re welcome any time.


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