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Beavercreek Parks: Doing the right thing

A new pier has been added at the pond in Beavercreek's Lofino Park!
A new pier has been added at the pond in Beavercreek's Lofino Park!
Ken Davy

Over the winter, there has been a change at Lofino Park, on Grange Hall Road in Beavercreek. The water level in the pond was lowered and a new fishing pier was built to provide safer angling access for anglers with disabilities, according to Mike Thonnerieux of the Beavercreek Parks and Recreation Department. In accordance with the appropriate safety regulations, this pier has a railing to prevent persons in wheelchairs from accidentally ending up in the lake during the excitement of fighting a fish.

Mr. Thonnerieux was also quick to point out that park employees were careful not to lower the water level to a level that would cause harm to the existing fish population. As can be seen in the photos that accompany this article, the entire dock has been replaced with brand new pressure-treated lumber and the additional pier was added on at a strategic point. Anglers have already been trying out the new access point. Young Cameron Smith and his father managed to verify that the fish population remains healthy by pulling out a beautiful channel catfish. Cameron was the one who caught the fish, a fact that his father proudly admitted.

Largemouth and Smallmouth Black Bass are available in the pond. Use soft plastic jerkbaits and crawfish imitations for both species. The Largemouth Bass also seem to like large rubber worms and the Smallmouths like frog imitations. Anglers using fly rods can make nice catches with Clouser minnows in white or chartreuse. There is also a good population of panfish and Channel Catfish are stocked regularly.