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Beaver Creek Serves FREE Cookies

Skiing is not a cheap activity, specially for a family of 5. If you pick Beaver Creek to ski, every day at 3pm…right after ski school, right around the time you’re wondering if body can handle just one more run, humans with white coats pop out of a door carrying what looks like platters of...cookies?



Each year the town of Beaver Creek hosts a contest for the best chocolate chip cookie and the winner gets to bake cookies for the entire season!

Platters of FRESH baked chocolate chip cookies offering comfort, calm and a taste of childhood come to your service as you are stepping off the slopes! Take one, take two, take 7...for your 'friends'! This event happens EVERY DAY…even in the summer! They go thru 500,000 cookies.

Even if you are passing by Beaver Creek, make sure you do it around 3pm so you can stop, grab a cocktail and a hot cookie!

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