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Beauty Weight Loss Diaries: Trayce Madre and Tanya Winfield

Weight Loss Transformation
Rachel Green

Two women, one goal, and multiple results. Celebrity hairstylist Trayce Madre and Biggest Loser season 15 contestant Tanya Winfield are an inspiration to women across the country. They have a stylist and client relationship that fostered so much more than luxurious locks of hair. These Chicago beauties made a conscious decision to save their lives, transform their minds, and fight all fears preventing them from being physically fit. Both of the ladies documented their weight loss journey for the world to witness. Trayce Madre and Tanya Winfield are both pioneers in their fields and are now influential in health and fitness. Typically, women commit to the New Year's resolution of clean eating, hiring a personal trainer, crash diets, and losing weight to have the beautiful beach body they desire for the spring season. However, the cold winter days and nights often leave people reaching for a Klondike bar instead of a kettlebell! Say no to the comfort foods now! Getting started may be difficult but you will discover the rewarding results after reading the stories of Tanya Winfield and Trayce Madre.

Tanya Winfield, the Chief Operating Officer of a restaurant franchise in Illinois, was a hopeful contestant on the Biggest Loser. She displayed strength and courage in her ability to overcome the circumstances of her childhood. Tanya Winfield recognized the seriousness of obesity and refused to allow her children to be a statistic because of the influence of her unhealthy lifestyle. The unfortunate loss of a family friend due to obesity, having gestational diabetes while pregnant, and her daughter who was born weighing 11 pounds, 6oz proved to be the most poignant wake up call for Tanya Winfield. Her trial quickly became a triumph, as she revealed her overall weight loss of 87 lbs. and striking beauty during the finale of the Biggest Loser Season 15. She is now walking victoriously into her future declaring " The rest of my life will be the best of my life".

Trayce Madre offered an excerpt of her weight loss diary by answering the questions we all want to know! This beauty guru has been in the hair industry for over 14 years and her expertise in the application of hair extensions is incomparable. She was devoted to transforming her brand by enhancing her personal beauty with a healthy diet and fitness regimen. Trayce Madre dealt with the same fears we all face to motivate her to lose weight, the increasing number on the scale. She refused to get any closer to weighing 300 lbs. and lost faith in the inconsistency of fad dieting, understanding that her permanent results would only come from changing her lifestyle. The emotional challenge she faced was the fear of failure, which is often the most crippling. "I tried for ten years and was unsuccessful. I had to get that little voice out of my head that kept saying, "What's going to be different now?" I really had to dig deep into myself, deeper than ever before and I got tough. I mean really tough! I had to constantly tell myself "No excuses Trayce. No one wants to hear them anymore!" she says.

Her mental, emotional, and spiritual toughness paid off! She conquered her food cravings by creating a list of alternative foods. She used multiple resources to carry out the vision for her new life including personal trainers, clean eating, and books for the purpose of variation. After three years of mastering this routine, she lost 130 pounds and looks absolutely beautiful! Once she found her rhythm and perfect combo of diet/exercise, the year of 2013 was a breeze and the pounds fell off quickly. Trayce Madre now eats 6 meals per day, works out 4 times per week with her husband Maurice King, who is personal trainer at New Way Life Fitness and she exercises in the comfort of her home. She sums up her experience by offering sound wisdom and encouragement to people dedicated to transforming their lives, "It's difficult to reach what you cannot see. My biggest advice for people struggling with weight is first to plan, plan, plan. It's a big task. Put your goals on paper. Secondly, only keep people around you that support your vision and are willing to help you reach it. Lastly, realize that everyone's journey is different. Do things that you can keep up for a lifetime to achieve true success".

Confidently walk in your beauty this year ladies. Be inspired by the success of Trayce Madre and Tanya Winfield. They are living examples of what can happen when you make an intentional decision to be a better version of you! Check out the links below to learn more about the weight loss journey of Trayce Madre and Tanya Winfield.

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