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Beauty truth and myths

Hair Truth or Myth
Hair Truth or Myth

Some commonly held beauty beliefs can do you harm instead of good. Your mom swore by certain rules. Your friend heard from a friend about a beauty secret that you must try. Beauty myths originated years ago and continue to originate today. There are myths about how to make your skin look younger, your hair look better and your eyes look brighter. Here is the truth about some commonly held beauty beliefs.

1. Chocolate makes you break out.

Myth – Chocolate won’t cause a breakout, but it is true that a poor diet can irritate your skin, so try to limit your chocolate cravings!

2. The best place to apply perfume is on pulse points.

Truth – Applying perfume to pulse points is the best way to make your scent last all day. Fragrances react with heat, so spritz your perfume on your wrists or the back of your neck and you won’t need to worry about re-applying.

3. Your cell phone can make you break out.

Truth – Apparently cell phones are premiere breeding grounds for germs. Some experts say the average cell phone has more germs than doorknobs and even toilet seats — yuck! Make sure you take a clean cloth to your cell phone screen every so often to help get rid of any breakout-causing germs!

4. Brushing your hair 100 times every night will increase its shine.

Myth – Brushing your hair too much actually increases the potential for pulling out strands of hair. Instead, just brush your hair when drying or styling it and use a shine spray if you’re looking for more luster.

5. Ignoring a need for glasses can lead to wrinkles.

Truth – Ignoring the need for glasses means more squinting, right? And more squinting leads to…you guessed it — wrinkles. In fact, any repetitive facial movement can lead to wrinkles so wear your glasses and sunglasses!

6. Matching eye shadow with your eye color will make your eyes pop?

Myth – Actually, contrasting your eye makeup with your eye color is what will really makes your eyes stand out. Here are a couple recommendations based on your eye color:
Green/Hazel: Plum, deep browns, and light golden hues
Blue: Smoky charcoals, chocolate, and bright berry tones
Brown: Soft pinks, natural beige, and shades of bronze

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