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Beauty trends for 2014: knowledge for cosmetologists and fashionistas alike

Crown braids are both effortless and feminine (while giving you a little bit of edge!)

At Star Career Academy, our Cosmetology students are responsible not only for learning the fundamental knowledge of the industry, but for keeping up with new and current trends in order to better serve their client base. One of the most important abilities of a cosmetologist that will ensure a successful career is how well he or she keeps their clients satisfied – and informed. As a cosmetologist, your clients will not only seek your help in making them look good, but also in how to take the current fashion and beauty trends, and crafting them to fit their personal style.

With the New Year upon us, Star Career Academy would like to share some beauty trends we are seeing from the spring 2014 runways. Though these trends may be timeless, this season puts a touch of modernity on classical looks.

Orange Lipstick: Orange seems to be the lipstick shade of the season, with numerous designers selecting different shades of everything orange. You may want to keep in mind, however, that while orange tends to look amazing on warmer skin tones (think golden or olive), this color can be tricky for those with cooler undertones (peaches and pinks). For a look that shows up great on all skin tones, you can shift slightly to a coral. The addition of just a pinch of pink will make the orange lip color flattering for all skin tones.

Cat-Eyes: It’s time to get out that black eyeliner, because chic cat-eyes are totally “in” this season. An article in “Glamour” Magazine explains how the use of a thin cotton swab dipped in makeup remover is the trick to getting a clean precise line.

Colorful Eye Makeup: As winter comes to an end and we start seeing hints of color, so should your makeup. Bright colors and the spring season is the perfect combination. If bright eye shadow isn’t your thing, there are ways to sport this trend. Try using colored eyeliner or a strong colored eye shadow as a base.

Deep side part: The deep side part is all the rage for the coming season. From the runway to the streets, the side part has been worn by fashionistas everywhere. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion – wear it straight or curly. If you want to be even more “high-fashion,” part it to the right. And if you’re looking to spice it up a bit, try adding a headband or an embellished hair accessory.

Crown braids: Spotted both in the street and on the runway, this popular 2013 hairstyle will still be trending in 2014. This is a simple yet elegant style that can be pulled off by many. The crown braid comes across both effortless and feminine (while also leaving room for a little bit of edge).

Soft waves: While soft flowing waves are not a new trend (featured in our blog this past summer), 2014 has seemed to recapture this classic style, adding a new attitude. These waves require anything but effort, and can be worn with a side or center part, and are perfect for both long and short hair.

So, when a client wishes to change their hairstyle or get their makeup done for a special occasion, it is not only important for their cosmetologist to know the basic fundamentals. Their cosmetologist must be up to date on the current styles – with the skill and capability to take runway trends and turn them into an everyday style, ready for any occasion.

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