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Beauty Trend: The Natural Look

Will you try this trend and go natural?

Happy first week of May!

Women have been embracing the natural look lately, such as throwing hair up in a loose bun or leaving down the natural waves and also wearing less makeup. Makeup isn't what makes us beautiful, as I have said before, it only enhances our features. Of course we have our days of being able to cover up imperfections like eye-bags from a sleepless night or an acne-attack area. That being said, the days of having better skin, why cover it up?

These days I skip putting on my BB Cream; only applying a light layer of powder. Even the eyeliner has slightly been worn. By wearing less makeup, our skin is more likely to breathe and pores to have fresh air instead of being filled constantly with cosmetics. Don't get me wrong, I still wear it almost daily, but it's nice to not pack a lot on. A few times last week, I applied only moisturizer to my face and mascara to my eyelashes; nothing more and it felt great. The same goes for our hair, using hot irons daily will only damage our hair faster, as well as dry it out.

What do you think about the natural trend? Women should feel confident in their own skin, regardless of using products. The focus of this trend is all about that; ladies embracing being themselves. Do you go with the natural look?

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