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Beauty Trend: Plum Lips

I hope everybody is having a fabulous New Year so far, cheers to making it through the first Friday! We are in the middle of winter, which means we need to take advantage of the last couple months of fashion and beauty trends.

Take advantage of the rest of winter by wearing the plums.

Plums have been trendy all season, not only in fashion and hair color but most of all, for lips. The plums have taken over all of the lip color commercials and ads. Just like going darker in the winter, the same goes for makeup.

For keeping it classy at work, you can go with a light sheer purple, giving your lips a little color. If you want to stand out, I recommend wearing a glossy lipstick or dark matte lip stain. As far as the shade - we all know how lip colors go; a wide variety of options. That also includes the decision of going more neon, magenta or burgundy. If you are a big fan of burgundy and wine colors - check out the video. You never know if you will like it until you try, so why not give it a shot?

What color will you try? Are you a fan of this trend?

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