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Beauty Trend: Braids

Happy June! We finally made it to the month that officially becomes summer (on June 21). All the outdoor exercise, festivals, fairs, concerts, bbqs and water fun are already beginning as the weather gets warmer. Sometimes our hair gets in the way of these activities. As we already know, other than a pixie haircut, the best solution is to put it up. What better way than to put it back in a braid?

This updo gets all of your hair out of the way. Not only is it cute, but perfect, from hiking to going out to dinner.

Braids have been a hit this past year, from celebrities at the red carpet, to ladies all over Pinterest. They are great as a loose braid for those with long locks, as well as up and a little more tight. Either way, they are stylish for any occasion. You can even have braids in an updo by day and let the natural kinks down by night; a win-win!

Braids are perfect for kicking off the summer, with options of loose or tight, up or down. Check out my slideshow with several examples. If you already rock the braids, why not be adventurous and learn some more advanced kinds?

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