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Beauty Treatments offers Biblical tips for inner beauty

Beauty Treatments offers Biblical tips for inner beauty
5 Fold Media

“Beauty Treatments” by Jodie Dye tells about the young Jewish girl, Esther, chosen because of her great beauty to be part of King Xerxes’ harem. In preparation for meeting him, she received twelve months of beauty treatments and special food. The author, Jodie Dye, consecrated herself in a similar manner for a different king: King Jesus. As Jodie studied the book of Esther, she discovered many spiritual truths for herself, which are revealed in this book.

“The beauty treatments I refer to care for the heart,” explains the author. “For example, do you ever feel like someone rubs you the wrong way? Of course you do, we all have someone in our life who rubs us like sandpaper. Well those people are giving you the beauty treatment of exfoliation. They are helping you to remove the dead skin cells off, or dead habits off your life to make you a more polished and beautiful person. It helps you to appreciate those close to you a little more.”

“After many years of turning to men to fulfill the emptiness inside me, there came a breaking point in my life where I looked up instead. In my turning point I made the Lord Jesus Christ the King of my heart, the author says. “Once I gave him all of me, He was able to give me instead the beauty that He possesses. His words, applied to my heart, are the beauty treatments that caused an inner beauty that none can deny.”

The book has thirteen 5-star reviews on Amazon.

“Writing from her heart, Jodie describes how her year of consecration transformed and deepened her walk with God. From her perspective, she gives us a clearer understanding of the story of Esther, Mordecai, King Xerxes, and Haman and how this applies to our lives today,” writes Paula McGrew.

“The author really put her heart into this book. Great read! It was thought provoking and makes you want that deep, intimate relationship with our Father. I enjoyed her use of scripture and life application. Her transparency is much needed in today's world. Best book I've read this year!” says Stephanie Williams.

Beauty Treatments by Jodie Dye

Published By: 5 Fold Media, LLC Release Date: 9/10/13

Price: $16.95

ISBN: 978-1-936578-63-4

To Purchase: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Parable Christian Stores, Cokesbury Christian Books, Google books, and E-book format is also available. Contact your local bookstore, or order bulk directly from the publisher.

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