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Beauty Tips & Tricks: How To Apply Makeup In 5 Minutes

Applying makeup efficiently yet effectively should never be complicated.
Applying makeup efficiently yet effectively should never be complicated.
Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

As you browse through the latest issue of Vogue magazine, you cannot help but wonder "How long does it take models to get ready" as you find yourself asking "how long it takes for makeup artists to apply their makeup?"

The good news is a vast majority of makeup artists have deadlines because models are prepped in a certain amount of time. You don't have to spend hours upon hours applying makeup, as it can be done in just 5 minutes. Is it possible? Of course. Don't believe me?

Start the timer. On your mark, get set, GO...

You want to begin by applying your foundation primer. Dab on the forehead, dab on the chin, dab on the left cheek, and a dab on the right cheek. Using a sponge or even your finger, blend. As it sets, you want to get everything you are going to use right in front of you.

Using a foundation brush, apply your foundation followed by your concealer. Then you want to set your foundation and concealer with a powder. The foundation should be applied using the "flower" approach meaning a dab on the forehead, a dab on the chin, a dab on the left cheek, and a dab on the right cheek. Blend out.

Whether you intend to use blush or even a bronzer, you want to apply it quickly because you only have 5 minutes. There are many great signature techniques, however; my favorite is the Estee Lauder signature E, where you first apply everything from the upper left or upper right of your the side of your face, move to the middle towards your cheek area, and then the bottom towards the chin. It goes in an E shape.

The worst thing you can do is worry or panic because you don't have time to. In order to apply your makeup in 5 minutes, you can't be thinking about "how much time do I have" because you don't have time even ponder. Let's get started on the eyes!

You want to apply primer as fast as you can and as it sets, gather all tools you intend to use. Although it is possible for gel liner and lash primer to be applied during the 5 minutes you have, I would never take that chance. The goal is applying eye shadow before your mascara and liner. Don't worry about fallout, as you will wipe everything when you are done.

Once you have accomplished applying your eye shadow, you need to apply your eyeliner followed by the mascara. If you are worried about your mascara not lasting, relax. Just use a product that isn't waterproof, but guarantees long-lasting benefits. Give the brows a quick brush and fill, if necessary.

If lip lining is necessary, then I recommend that you line the lips before applying your lip products. If you believe it is unnecessary, simply apply your lip products. Whether it is an haute lipstick or chic gloss.

Do a quick check. Wipe away any fall out. Fix any smearing. You're done!

As you can see applying makeup can take up a lot of time, but only if you allow it to. Luckily with these basic steps, you don't have to spend a lot of time beautifying yourself because it can be done in just 5 minutes.

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