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Beauty on a budget: Get the most out of your makeup

Read the article to learn beauty tips on a budget.
Read the article to learn beauty tips on a budget.
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Need a few beauty tips on a budget? Who doesn’t? This economy leaves little left for beauty expenses and even if money isn’t tight, who wouldn’t want to get the most out of your makeup?

As the cost of living escalates, so does the price of luxuries, although many would classify makeup as necessities. While the value of makeup and beauty products can be expensive, the quest for eternal youth supersedes the size of the wallet, and many find themselves overindulging in cosmetics with overflowing makeup drawers.

Casey Casterline is the co-founder of, a popular beauty sample swapping-site, written about here. Casterline lives in the city and is fully aware of compartmental issues and making the dollar stretch.

I live in a small New York City apartment. If I didn't come up with creative ways to use the products, I wouldn't have any place to sleep.

She offered the Long Island Beauty Lookbook Examiner a few beauty tips on a budget to get the most out of the makeup in your daily regimen, which utilizes beauty products in a unique fashion or have them pull double-duty.

  • Mascara Wands: Use as eyebrow brushes or spritz a little hairspray on them to tame pesky flyaways and smooth eyebrows.
  • Foundation: If it doesn’t match your skin tone it may serve perfectly as an eye shadow primer.
  • Lip Sticks: Have your lipstick pull double-duty as a blush if you realize you’ve run out at the last minute.
  • Powder Eye Liner: Add a little water to powder eyeliner to turn it into a liquid for a different look.
  • Eye Shadow: Shadows that match your roots can easily be brushed in to hide them if your hair has grown out a bit. Apply a dark shadow to your eyelashes prior to your mascara to give them a boost in volume.
  • Plain Lip Balm: Apply around the inside of the eye with your finger to act as a highlighter.
  • Hairspray: Allow a light mist of hairspray to fall on your face after you’ve applied your makeup to set it for the day.
  • Eye Cream: Use a hydrating eye cream in the place of lip balm if you run out. It keeps your lips supple and gives them a light shine.

Thank you Casey for the above beauty tips on a budget. Additional beauty tips from years of experience as a licensed professional include, using mascara (brown or black) to touch up regrowth in-between color services, using a bronzer to set eyeliner or fill in eyebrows, and dab blush on the lips and set with a plain lip balm or Vaseline if lipstick is scarce.

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