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Beauty Tips for a Cabin Trip

Don't bug out...these beauties are all you need!
Don't bug out...these beauties are all you need!
Hillhouse Naturals Repellent Candle

Who really needs beauty tips for a cabin getaway? There's truly nothing better than giving your hair, and makeup routine, a well deserved break. Even if it's just a few days off. So you can revel in Mother Nature's beauty instead. I won't deprive you of that. Not one bit.

My beauty tips for a cabin trip are so minimal you won't feel the least bit high-maintenance. You won't be the gal primping in the bathroom, reapplying makeup, or soaking in the tub. You'll be outdoors. In a flannel. Looking and smelling great.

So go ahead and light the campfire. Roast those marshmallows, and be thankful that these all-natural repellents, candles, lotions and nail polishes, all get to work-for you. Everyone deserves a slacker weekend in a remote cabin. Right?

1. Of course Martha Stewart recommended the Hillhouse Naturals mosquito repellent candle. It's DEET free, actually works, smells delightful, and the beautiful concrete pot makes a functional planter for herbs or small plants once the candle burns out. (Over 100 hours of outdoor, mosquito-less enjoyment.) Bug bites are NOT attractive. (Beauty tip #1) $57.40 for 32 ounces

2. Lush Zeste Hair Gelly- Ditch the blow dryer, girls. Besides the fact you may not even have electricity, there's still no darn good reason to be paddling away at your mane, when you could be riding a horse instead. Hit the open trail and keep your fly aways in check with this lightweight grooming gel, made from just a few simple ingredients, such as water, orange juice, and glycerin. No stickiness, tackiness, stiffness, or flaking. And it smells like oranges. In case you missed that. Aren't ya just a little gelly? $12.95

3. Elemental Herbology- Watermelon and Cucumber Body Lotion- Packed with soothing aloe vera and cucumber juice, this emollient and cooling lotion helps preserve your summer tan, while providing nourishment with natural,botanical ingredients. You'll fall in love with the decadent formula, especially if you appreciate Macadamia or Argan oil, which repair and moisturize your treat-worthy skin. (Especially after a wild, white water rafting ride.) $21

4.Pacificia 7 Free Nail Polish- OK. I'll admit I can't go anywhere with a chipped manicure. I'll draw the line at that. So yes, I painted my nails the perfect hue, in a chip-resistant product, before heading out to the cabin. Pacifica's nail polish is free from some of the most common chemicals found in traditional formulas, and the wide vegan brush makes the application a breeze.I chose Cinnamon Girl #1. Because I am a girl. #2. This spicy color looks really gorgeous in the woods. $9

5. Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner-Since most of us travel with friends and family in tow, it's only fair to minimize time in the shower by moisturizing and washing at the same time. Lush's African Paradise Body Conditioner takes care of business in one fell swoop. Slather on, shower off, and indulge your skin with shea butter, aloe vera, and a spicy, clove and sandalwood scent. Just be sure to take it from the shower upon exit. Otherwise, you won't see it again. (Not that I know anything about that.) $39.95

6. Eco-Armour Insect Repellent- I never thought it would be possible to love insect repellent spray. Besides the offensive scent of OFF, chemical ingredients such as DEET, the oily feel of Avon's SSS (why is everything all caps?), even the natural companies fall short of actually working.

Enter Eco-Armour. It's my official new outdoor fragrance. This lightweight mist smells so lemony. And it's fresh and cooling. I just know you'll find reasons to keep reapplying. (Which is good, because it actually works!) I found myself doing Infomercials for the whole clan. If you should so happen to end up with a case of Poison Ivy (such as I) the Indoor Calming Body and Linen Spray is just what Nature's Doctor ordered. My favorite part-I didn't even feel the need to shower off this repellent. How often have you said that about a bug spray? My point, exactly. Eco-Armour $12.50 4 ounces (Check out their Shave with Benefits Foam too.)

7. Don't get caught with stubble. J.Paul's 6 blade disposable razors are packed with lotion in the handle, making your quick shower- even quicker. Aloe vera, Jojoba, and Vitamin B moisturize and protect the skin. The 3-pack travel set is TSA compliant, should your travels be over the river, through the woods, and to the OTHER side of the ocean. Perfect for him (and her). 3-Pack Travel Razor with Cream $18.

P.S. Don't feed the bears.

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