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Beauty in the mist of financially challenging times

Due to job losses the average household income of many Americans has been drastically reduced, however, the need for haircuts, gray coverage and/or color enhancements has not. As we look for ways to cut corners and tighten our belts one of the things we don’t want to give up is our routine beauty regiments.

There is a way to continue to be beautiful during these economically challenging times without going broke. Many beauty schools offer the same services as salons and spas at a fraction of the costs. All services are performed by students under the supervision of qualified instructors that are certified by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency Cosmetology Board.

Beauty school students in the state of Indiana are required to complete 1500 hours of hands on progress work in which 200 of those hours are spent in the class room with one on one interaction with an instructor dedicated to ensuring they are qualified to provide services to the general public within the school environment.

Listed below are the beauty schools in the Indianapolis area:

  • Aveda Fredric’s Institute-317-578-5500
  • Excel Academies of Cosmetology-317-913-6000
  • ABC Beauty College-317-299-2100
  • Regency Beauty Institute-317-807-00500
  • Honors Beauty College-841-9400
  • PJs College of Cosmetology-317-781-9600
  • Hair Fashion by Kaye’s Beauty College-317-576-8000
  • Indiana Premier- 317-244-0791
  • Empire Beauty College- 317-781-0959


  • Fred Espy 5 years ago

    I think those are some helpful tips, in these trying times.

  • Regina Lander 5 years ago

    Most ladies don't think about all that a beauty school offers. It's good to know you can be on a budget and still pamper yourself.

  • Anita R. Dawson 5 years ago

    Very nice article. These are very helpful tips that many probably wouldn't have thought of. Thank you for bringing light to the subject.

  • Harlene 5 years ago

    I have used the services of beauty colleges. Their services and products are comparable to the high-end salons, without a significant hit to your wallet.