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Beauty in the midst of the fire

Wedding day wildfire
Wedding day wildfire

Recently this image along with others were seen on Yahoo and Good Morning America with the headline The Most Moving Wedding Photos of All Time

It’s easy to see why these are so stunning. First, you see darkness and impending danger, but you also see the love and strength these two have for one another. With an almost superhero like stance you get the since this couple is strong and ready to face whatever comes their way.

It is true in all marriages that there will be times of joy and times of intense storms, but if our relationships are ones that grow daily and thrive through life’s challenges then we have a better chance of facing those ups and downs with strength and perseverance and we will come through them stronger than ever before.

I heard someone once say in a marriage that our words and actions toward our spouse should be so strong and encouraging that in times of turmoil and chaos they become a strong shelter around them. Knowing that you are going to face whatever comes your way together, that’s the beauty in the midst of the fire.

As this wedding day unfolded the couple, along with the entire party and all of the wedding guests were faced with a literal wildfire, but as the photographer Josh Newton stated,

They really had the most incredible attitude and it was an honor to work with them and really see what mattered.

So when the trials come and the storms of life rage in your marriage, determine now to face them with perseverance and grace, holding on to those vows you started your marriage with and clinging to each other no matter what happens.

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