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Beauty Talk with Stacy Reid: Exclusive Interview with TINte Cosmetics

With everything from lip gloss to eyeshadow, TINte Cosmetics offers some of the greatest makeup essentials you will ever use.
With everything from lip gloss to eyeshadow, TINte Cosmetics offers some of the greatest makeup essentials you will ever use.
Sarah Afshar

Located in the heart of Miami lies one of the best makeup companies around, TINte. With everything from lipstick to eyeshadow, this brand is offers some of the hottest lip glosses around, among other things. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Stacy Reid, the creator and CEO of the brand. Here is what she had to say...

(Q) Hello Stacy. How are you? Tell me a little more about the TINte Cosmetics brand...

I’m great Sarah, thanks so much for interviewing me. TINte Cosmetics is a boutique color cosmetic line that offers a range of different products for the eyes, cheeks, lips and body. We are known for our Flavored Lip Glosses in unique nostalgic slider tin packaging and delicious flavors like bubble gum, dr. pepper & cream soda. TINte also offers multi - tasking , easy to use products that are both fun, stylish and glamorous!

(Q) What inspired you to create TINte? Tell me a little more about the inspiration behind the brand...

Chapped Lips and a need for a great tasting lip gloss were the inspiration behind TINte Cosmetics. I could never find a lip gloss that tasted great and one that could moisturize & heal my chapped lips. It was at this point that I realized I had to create a gloss that nourished my lips, had great flavor and looked beautiful. From this need TINte’s Flavored lip glosses enriched with Shea Butter were created. As a teen my very first lip gloss came in a similar slider tin. This nostalgic feeling from my childhood led me to recreate sweet memories yet make the products sophisticated for the women of today. TINte allowed me to reinterpret the past and bring it into the future.

(Q) Currently, what are your most popular products? Tell me a little more about TINte's best sellers...

We have some great best selling products. Our Flavored Lip Shine’s in Double Bubble, Pepper on the Rocks which is a Dr. Pepper flavor and our Cake a sheer golden vanilla shade just to name a few. Our Match Book collection makes the list as well. Each kit offers eye shadows, blush, waterproof cream eyeliner & lip gloss. It’s a great all in one purse sized kit, it’s perfect for on the go. Our multi use Shimmering face pearls in fun summer shades like Sun Kissed, Nikki Pink and Bronze Glow. Use them wet or dry to create different looks for the eyes, cheeks, lips and body.

(Q) I always joke with my family and friends about how I love life, liberty, and lip gloss full time. Not only do have a lot of lip gloss, but you have complimentary kits. Tell me a little more about these kits...

Our Flavored Lip Shines were so popular we created travel sizes in the same shades. We offer them in kits where you can try four shades for just $28. You can also customize these kits and choose your own shades, it’s a great way to discover your favorite shades and flavors.

(Q) I have to admit Stacy, I am quite intrigued by the Match Book Collection. Not only do have a kit for blush, but also the eyes. Tell me a little more about these products kits...

Inside our Match book kits, you will find base and contour eye shadows, a waterproof cream eyeliner, a gorgeous blush and two lip gloss shades; one for the day and one to take you into the night.

Our Kits offer step by step guided instructions & illustrations. The Match Book kits take you through 5 simple steps to match the look on the cover. We’ve created a look that is effortless and easy to apply in minutes. I’m not a makeup artist by trade so I wanted to offer 5 simple steps to make it easy and non intimidating for all women to use , plus it fits in the smallest of clutch bags as well.

(Q) Is it true that you are coming out with a bath & body line? Tell me a little more about it...

Yes! We are celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary this year! With that we are planning on launching fun, exciting new products and that includes Bath and Body. Since TINte is a brand known for our Flavored Lip Glosses it’s the perfect paring to offer some of our fun flavors for the body as well. We’re going to be doing giveaways and sharing news of our upcoming product launches via our newsletter so make sure you're signed up, it’s a great way to find out about our new must have products you can’t live without.

You have done quite a few things in terms of sponsoring various events, including one of my favorites 'Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week'. I have to ask, what events do you have planned this year? Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was a dream of mine. I always just wanted to go just to watch a few shows. When they asked us to do the makeup for one of the shows I was beyond excited! Being backstage with all that energy is a thrill. We are planning to create more looks for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York as well as a few shows for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim here in Miami Beach in July.

(Q) Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Angelina Jolie to Carmen Electra to Charlize Theron to Natalie Portman to Cameron Diaz to Reese Witherspoon to even Tori Spelling, and more love the TINte brand, as do everyday people. How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel great that they are fans of our products. I love hearing from all of our loyal fans, most of them are everyday women. We receive great feedback from women saying how much they love our products and it’s an amazing feeling.

(Q) Is it true that you just had a baby? I think that is so amazing!

I recently had a baby boy. It made me gain a whole new respect for mom’s and working mom’s. Before you have a baby you think you can still do it all and you can but it takes a lot more energy and you have to operate on precise schedules to fit everything in. I’ve always been career driven, having a baby made me realize that family is most important in life. It’s the best job I could ever have! That being said college is expensive so I’ve got to fit it all in! (haha)

(Q) For all of those beauty fans reading this interview, what would you like them to know? What is next for TINte cosmetics?

We have amazing plans to grow our brand. We will start off by launching new products that are staples. “Must Have” products that women are loyal to and can’t live without. We have plans to expand the line into a full cosmetic line as well as bath & body. We also plan to launch new fun flavors in our vintage slider tins.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Recently we kicked off a division of independent sales consultants. We are looking for women who would like a fresh opportunity to become their own beauty entrepreneur. We are looking for women to join our team by becoming Independent Beauty Consultants that we call TINte Beauty Insiders. You can start your own business for as low as $99! For more information go to This year is going to be exciting for TINte Cosmetics.

For more information about TINte Cosmetics, please visit today!

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