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Beauty Talk with Sian Sutherland: Exclusive Interview with Mio Skincare

Mio Skincare offers some of the best body care solutions in the world today.
Mio Skincare offers some of the best body care solutions in the world today.
Sarah Afshar

Often dubbed the 'world's wordiest' skincare brand, Mio Skincare is not like any brand out there. Located in the heart of Huntington Beach, their mission in life is to make you happy by giving you fit skin for life. Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Sian Sutherland about this amazing brand and here is what she had to say...

(Q) Behind every great creator, lies a major source of inspiration. Tell me, what inspired you to create this brand?

It just makes sense to us with this new growing focus on health and wellness. Think about all the women you know who are drinking green juice, doing yoga, detoxing in January, making little changes to make ourselves healthier, fitter, happier. We all work hard to have fit muscles, fit bodies, even fit minds. Now we need to focus on having Fit Skin. I know, crazy that no-one has done this before - but that is how you know there are women behind Mio, not men!

(Q) So, anyone can use these products?

Mio is being used by Olympic athletes, yoga bunnies, weekend walkers and hard core keyboard pounders! Our typical Mio woman is conscious about what she eats, aspires to be healthier happier living a more active life. Mio either supports her existing fitness focus or it may well nudge her towards achieving her goals. You don't have to be an athlete, you just need to be thinking about your health and fitness. Mio is high intensity body care for active women who care about clean products and high performance formulas.

(Q) Currently, what are the most popular products carried by Mio? Tell me more about your best sellers...

My favorite is Double Buff exfoliant followed by The Activist. If you use these two in combination you will completely understand what we mean by 'Fit Skin'. Use them twice and you will be so addicted to the texture of your skin!

Our best sellers are Liquid Yoga (incredible restorative bath soak) and Workout Wonder (powerful but natural pre and post workout reviver)

(Q) I love the idea that you have products for just about every problematic issue out there.

It's true. We talk to so many women every day and they tell us exactly what their challenges are. From cellulite to sore achy stressed-out minds and muscles; boobs heading south, skin looking a little baggy, lizard legs - we understand what women want because, quite simply, we are women! We are probably the most selfish skincare brand in the world and make sure all our issues and challenges are helped with our products. It is also the reason that we are so constantly positive in everything we do - product names, pack language - how we talk to women about skin and confidence challenges is very important to us. We want to make women feel good about themselves.

(Q) One of the most intriguing products that you offer is the Boob Tube +. Tell me a little more about this amazing body care essential...

Boob Tube + is one of our best sellers because women really understand the importance of caring for their neck and chest area - in China they call this a woman's second face - which makes so much sense. Boob Tube + has an instant visible effect, smoothing out crinkles, plumping skin with Omega-rich moisture, fighting free radical damage (and gravity!) with powerful antioxidants. Women say that they see a significant difference within 3 days - hence its popularity!

(Q) You offer so many body solutions. What is the Workout Wonder? Tell me a little more about this amazing addition to Mio Skincare...

This is a powerful but very natural blend of energizers to rev you up when you need that extra boost (pre workout, mid afternoon office dip) and wonderful actives like arnica and magnesium and horsetail to help your body recover when it feels sore, tired or has been really exerted. Whether your workout is a serious spin class, yoga stretch out or just the workout of daily life, this cooling gel will become a gym or hand-bag staple for an instant pick-me-up. Men love it too!

(Q) There are spas and other beauty establishments all around the world using your products. How does that make you feel?

Incredibly proud and excited. It is like someone admiring your children - you know they kind of deserve the praise because they are amazing, but it fills you with so much pride and wonder when it happens. I still get giddy when in one of our international markets and meet women who are really connected and in love with Mio and Mama Mio (our first brand, for all pregnant women). It is amazing how powerful a cream in a bottle in a box can be, even in a foreign language. If you make the best possible formulas you can, and speak to women with humor and good heart in every way, they can understand this in every language. That to me is the power and perception of women.

(Q) The 'look good feel better-supporting women with cancer' and 'every mother counts' are two organizations that I respect. You do a lot of amazing charity work, which is very impressive.

We are not in this world to sell stuff. We want to mean more to women in every way so our charities are very very important to us. Shame on us if we cannot find the time or resource to help these amazing organizations to do their wonderful work. As a small brand of course we are not able to give as much money as the big guys, but I think we help in other ways, for example, by helping LGFB create their first UK film which is getting so much social sharing now. We are always looking for ways to help that are not just about money but giving access to different skill sets that may not be available to them.

(Q) You have products that not only transform bodies, but lives, as well. Out of the many testimonials you receive daily, which one(s) touched you the most?

It has to be the testimonial for Get Waisted. It was a long email from a lovely lady who poured her heart out telling us about a tough time in her life. Her husband had left her for a younger woman, her confidence was at an all time low ... and I kid you not, her words were "the only thing that got me through was ...Get Waisted." Apparently every day she would reach into her bathroom cabinet and apply her Get Waisted body shaper. It was the one time of the day that was totally for her, about her, caring for herself, taking action and actually appreciating and loving herself. We always refer to this testimonial when challenged about how much skincare can mean to women. We are very deep emotional creatures and our connection to our self-image and our confidence is fragile. Anything that helps you really feel better about yourself is positive and valuable. We meet the most amazing women and it constantly reassures me that we are on the right track when I get feedback like this.

(Q) That is truly amazing Sian. For those individuals reading this interview, what would you like them to know about Mio Skincare?

Our high intensity body care gives you fit skin for life - smooth firm strong skin that glows with health and happiness and can cope with all the challenges of life.

For more information about Mio Skincare, please visit today!

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