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Are you poisoning yourself and your family?

We have all succumb to the diet food bandwagon at one time or another. Either we are trying to live a healthy lifestyle to keep ourselves and our families fit and trim or perhaps we are even trying to lose a few extra pounds we have gained over the winter months.

Low-Cal Gatorade. I looked at the full sugar version, it also contains what you will see in the next picture...poison.
Chance Frank
Low Calorie G2 Gatorade Contains Poisonous Sucrose
Chance Frank

Diet cola, diet hot chocolate, sugar-free candy, low calorie sports drinks, sugar free jell-o; even protein supplements that many healthy drinks we use as meal replacements before or after workouts all contain a silent killer...artificial sweeteners. As you will watch in the video, I found these hidden poisons in a place that you or I would have never imagined. It is shocking.

Many of us have heard of the dangers of aspartame and the affects that it can have on a persons body but now we are learning that it is not the only artificial sweetener that we have to worry about. Most of them are HIGHLY HAZARDOUS to our health and should be avoided by all costs.

These include: Aspartame (Nutrasweet/Equal/used in over 6,000 products), Sucrose, Sucralose (Splenda/used in over 4,000 products), Acesulfame-K, Neotame, Alitame, and Cyclamate which is up for FDA re-approval.

What is all the fuss about do you ask? In a nutshell, all of these sweet poisons are dangerously hazardous to your health. These counterfeit sweeteners are flooding not only our grocery store shelves but our body with carcinogens. That's right! You read that correctly, not only can they cause Multiple Sclrorosis , Grave's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and many other horrendous diseases but these silent killers have actually been linked to Throat Cancer. If you or a loved one have experienced adverse reactions to chemical sweeteners yourself, please report them to It is very important that we help the FDA have all the data about these products as possible.

Are you dyeing to be thin? Research shows that there is no evidence that sugar substitutes aid in weight loss. In fact, chemical sweeteners may actually increase your appetite because they are tricking the body and not feeding it what it needs and thus becoming a player in gaining weight. Look around at today's obesity epidemic. Now, think back to those pictures of your Grandparents and their friend's. Were there a lot a obese people? No, there were not many fat people years ago. Sure, they did more physical labor but they also didn't eat chemicals everyday and they definitely weren't plagued with the diseases that our generation fights today.

Are your children hyper, depressed or over aggressive? It isn't too much sugar like the old wives tale goes. If you are a parent, please take heed. Children respond to fake sugar in a very bad way! However, these huge corporations market to our children. They have persuaded many doctors into believing that diet sweeteners don’t cause emotional stress and defective behavior in kids. Many schools vend foods and drinks with these sweet poisons in them and we all know that right at eye level at the grocery store are all the goodies marked "sugar free."

We are feeding these sleazy sweeties to our children, loved ones and ourselves each and everyday; slowly poisoning and killing ourselves.

There have been numerous reports in the United States and around the World from people quitting these chemical sweeteners cold turkey and within days or weeks feeling miraculous turn-arounds in their mental and physical health and well-being.

So what is the alternative to sweeten your morning coffee or have that soda that you are craving? It has been found that the safest sweeteners for your body are natural sugar, Stevia and good old Saccharin. Remember Saccharin? That's Sweet'n'Low. It is one of the oldest artificial sweeteners around and yes; it is ok to use.

I urge you to go through your kitchen pantry and refrigerator and purge these artificial sweeteners today! It may seem like a bit of a sacrifice at first but think of the benefits you and your family will feel in just a short time. The next time you are at the grocery for your regular stop-n-shop; take a few extra minutes and read the labels of your favorite products to be sure they don't contain any of these chemical killers. There are alternatives that taste just as good, if not better, and will make you and your family feel and look healthier and happier.

You can eat in a healthy, whole-food fashion, right from your local grocery but for the organic experience look for the organic sections in your supermarket or most larger cities have a whole food market. In Omaha we are lucky enough to have Whole Foods Market in the Regency area. When you walk in you will know you are in healthy heaven from grinding your own almond butter to picking out your essential oils to cleanse your home with. Baby steps, I know! Start with getting rid of the sweet health suckers and we'll talk about the rest later. However, they will definitely have safe sweetening alternatives for you and your family.

After all, Beauty Starts From The Inside

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Happy Health and of course...Beauty!


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