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Beauty secrets revealed: What cornstarch can do for you

Cornstarch is one of those products that every household has purchased at one time or another. When used in the kitchen it works beautifully to thicken gravies and stews. Most parents have purchased it years ago to use as a powder to help prevent diaper rash.

Try cornstarch next time, it will surprise you!
Home and Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Today we can still use cornstarch for those things and much more. This product has properties and other uses many don’t think about. That’s why we’re going to share a few others with you that we hope will help you in the future.

Smelly shoes:

If you have sweaty and smelly feet your shoes are also affected by that pungent perspiration. Shoes absorb those odors and it takes some time before the scent leaves the fabric of your shoes no matter what they are made out of. Just sprinkle some cornstarch in them to absorb the smelly and sweaty odors and tap the powder out the next morning. You can also sprinkle some in the shoes before you step into them with your socks to give your shoes a head start and it will also aid in keeping your socks dryer too.

Greasy hair:

Sometimes you wake up late or spent the day cooking and cleaning and all of a sudden you are called out unexpectedly. There is no time to wash and dry your hair before you have to leave to meet someone or pick a family member up at a school, office or other establishment. You go into the bathroom to comb your hair and it is too greasy to be seen in public. All you have to do is lightly sprinkle some cornstarch on your hair. Let the powder for a few minutes and then brush your hair. The cornstarch absorbs the oil leaving you with cleaner looking hair so you won’t be embarrassed when you rush out of the house.

Burns, bites and rashes:

Cornstarch has some health attributes too. It is great to soothe sunburn, insect bites as well as help ease the itch of poison ivy. Just make a paste with water and apply it to the areas infected. Let the paste dry on the skin and when you are feeling the relief and want to eliminate the cornstarch patch just wash it with lukewarm water and it will disappear. The bite, burn and rash will still be present; but the pain, itch and redness should be reduced so it will be a lot more tolerable to bear.

Cornstarch isn’t just for cooking and babies bottoms anymore!

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