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Beauty Products Expiry

Tossing expired beauty items keeps us happily cleared from bacteria and infections.
Tossing expired beauty items keeps us happily cleared from bacteria and infections.
Brian Pearse Photographer, Model: Ashley Mitchell, Makeup Katrina Currie

A good gauge on knowing your cosmetics have expired can be as simple as the change of texture or the smell. Usually, these tell tale signs, are significant indicators to ditch those old items and bring in the new. Let's be aware that changing textures and smells are not the only signs of aged cosmetics being infiltrated like a Petri dish. A good guide for knowing beauty expiration dates is by knowing the basics of our cosmetics expiry.

Photo provided by Ultimate Divatude and Teza Owens

Having foundations longer than six months is a simple No! No! Keep foundations in a cool area. Chemical changes can result from heat and humid conditions. Lipsticks are generally kept for 12-18 months yet if a stench has crept into your favorite hues, ditch them fast. Ok... no sharing the lipstick that is just not right. Not even the pot glosses. Do you really know where your friend, co-worker, or family members fingers have been? Sharing lipsticks and gloss pots are sure fire ways to breed bacteria and infections.

Russian roulette is not fun when it comes to your eyes. Every three months mascara and eyeliners should be replaced. Pencil liners can be kept for up to two years yet make sure you sharpen them to keep them soft for ease of use and fresh.

Powdered eye shadows can be kept up to two years while cream shadows need to be out your makeup bag in 12 to 18 months.

When it comes to blushes and bronzers, they can stick around for six to nine months. One of the best investments for keeping blushes and bronzers around is to purchase a cosmetic blush brush. Angled brushes, the popular standard blush brush and chiseled ones are great. Washing them in a gentle or baby shampoo is an easy fix to rid them of bacteria yet there are also brush cleaners available for purchase too.

Cleansers and facial washes can be kept up to two years. One of the most used products, cleansers, are traditionally replaced every two to three months because of their frequency of use. Moisturizers longevity is usually limited to one year.


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