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Beauty over 60 highlighted by American Apparel

As stated in their ad, "Beauty has no expiration date."  Model Jacky O'Shaughnessy rocks American Apparel
As stated in their ad, "Beauty has no expiration date." Model Jacky O'Shaughnessy rocks American Apparel
American Apparel

New York retailer American Apparel has done it again; attracted attention to their brand by doing something no one else is doing - modeling their clothing with a woman over 60.

Attracting Attention

A few weeks ago, they shocked a city full of people who have pretty much seen everything when they unleashed their window display featuring lingerie-wearing mannequins sporting "the full bush"; that is, wild and unruly pubic hair. They took natural to the extreme.

This week they are highlighting another very natural beauty, that of the older woman. Can we just say "Awesome"?

The lovely and still very attractive actress Jacky O'Shaughnessy is front and center on their ad which states "Beauty has no expiration date."

According to Huff Post Style, this isn't O'Shaughnessy's first time with AA. "She began modeling for them back in 2012 after she was scouted in a New York City restaurant. At the time, Vogue reported it was her natural elegance that made her a perfect fit for the brand."

The trend of featuring models over the usual age range of 15-25 seems to be catching on as many other clothing manufacturers and skin care companies are recognizing not only the beauty of women over 30, over 40, over 50, and over 60 and beyond, but also understanding that every day people appreciate seeing real beauty too and not just rare or photoshopped beauty.

Listen, women of every age are gorgeous, and sex appeal doesn't end at 29. The rise of Cougars as an idea for movies and television was sparked by the real life love men have, have always had for older women. So why it has taken so long for modeling agencies and businesses who utilize models to sell their products to realize this is unfathomable, but we are certainly happy that they finally seem to see the light.

Sexy comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages as proved in Forever Yours Lingerie ads featuring not only a gorgeous plus-sized model in Elly Mayday, but a post-chemotherapy Mayday rocking her smooth bald head. Let's hope this trend of modeling real, true beauty continues and becomes no longer a trend, but the norm.

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