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Beauty on the fly: a short beauty guide for travelers

Rosie gets it.
Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images

We’ve all been there. The scene: a loud and crowded airport, the anxiety levels crashing through the ceiling and the aroma of Cinnabun wafting through the air, suffocating those within a 10 foot radius. And suddenly, we catch a glimpse of ourselves in a bathroom mirror – often, a sad juxtaposition reflecting back at us, of frazzled hair and a furrowed brow, face slicked with sweat and wayward lipstick concentrated only on one part of your pout. With time of the essence, how is one supposed to clean up and start anew, without having your trusted cosmetics (conveniently located inside your checked luggage) to clean up one’s act? Luckily, there are a few cheats to come to the flyer’s rescue. The backdrop for today’s stage: Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Big enough to share the same features as many other airports, yet small enough to not get lost.
If you’re lucky enough to have some room in your carry on to pack a few more items, a few good products to have while flying are as follows: dry shampoo to rub into your scalp for instant freshness, a pack of pre-moistened makeup remover cloths to whisk cases of raccoon eyeliner away (bonus if they have added ingredients like witch hazel or cucumber in them), tinted moisturizer or BB cream for the face and, for the long haulers, some ultra-thick hand cream and a pair of cotton gloves for some serious hand conditioning. Some die-hard moisture fans could also try this trick with some deep conditioner for their hair, and simply wrap their tresses with a pretty scarf. No bad hair to be seen here, dah-lings.
Stuck in the airport with nothing at all? Don’t fret! The first thing many might want to take care of would probably be the shine factor. After running to catch that connection, the face might get a little…reflective, shall we say? Rather than spending some serious cash on an airport beauty store, try out the restroom. Those toilet seat covers may not have the prettiest job, but they put in some serious hard work when torn into strips and pressed up against your face. Oil just melts away from the face and skin is left looking fresh. Best of all, they’re free. Another brilliantly free ingredient to add to the traveler’s day is just some good old H2O, which is well known to be the key to loveliness due to the insane benefits of being well hydrated – which flying can take away! Stash an empty bottle in your carry-on through security and fill up at a terminal drinking fountain for some free hydration. If you’re really feeling adventurous, grab some red tea from the Starbucks (they might look at you like you’re crazy but this is totally in the name of beauty) and while it’s a little damp, spread a bit on your lips and cheeks to a) add some color to a tired face and b) directly add some lovely ingredients like hibiscus to firm skin and lower blood pressure. Your skin will look a little perkier, and so will you. Happy flying, beauties!

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