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Beauty Naturally Inspired: Nyakio

What's New: Nyakio Coffee Scrub with Kola Nut

Many skin care lines have proven their timelessness, coupling cutting edge technology with skin loving benefits. There is a brand new line waiting to win fans of skincare with a purpose. Nyakio gets inspiration from nature's best and is filled with recipes passed down through generations of African traditions.

Nyakio (pronounced Ney-kay-oh) developed products that use African ethically sourced ingredients to create hydration and awakening of an intense level. Her grandparents tended a sustainable farm where coffee and sugarcane were abundant resources. These traditional ingredients contributed to the youthful and smooth glowing skin that come from using quality sources. In the years to follow, Nyakio would begin her eponymous line with products free of parabens or sulfates that promote a glow from within health and vitality.

Each product from the Nyakio line is certain to make an impact on daily skincare regimens. These are filled with good for you natural treats for the senses. Ingredients like Kola Nut and lemongrass oil add a social conscious while doing the workhorse share of hydration and luxury protection of the face and body. There is no expense spared to bring Africa's best to America and beyond.

I would highly recommend these to introduce you to Nyakio and the power of the Kola Nut, a source of caffeine, a noted pick me up for tired skins:

Nyakio Hydrating Face Oil with Kola Nut

This serum contains a blend of oils that not only stimulate the senses, but heal and help promote smoothness in all skin types. I truly found it to be a beautiful facial oil, as oils are the hottest skin care product on the market. It made a difference in my look immediately and the aromatherapy was a tremendous bonus.

Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub

This product is a scrub unlike the others, using Kenyan coffee beans, mongongo nut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and avocado oil to smooth, moisturize, and reveal a glowy complexion. Exfoliation with extra special care is the why this should be a staple in baths across the country. Many scrubs are all scratch without tenderness, but not this one.

Nyakio is a line worth waiting for. Beauty is inspired from within and ingredients that give back the love are more than beauty products. Plus, nature just doesn't get the wrong answer in helping skin become the very best.

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