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Beauty myth revealed: drinking water doesn't clear skin

Excessive water does not necessarily improve the skin, rid of acne, or hydrate.
Excessive water does not necessarily improve the skin, rid of acne, or hydrate.

At one point or another teenagers have been told the same thing by their parents; drinking water will help keep your skin clear. Many fall victim to this belief. The immediately begin to guzzle water by the liter. They drink a glass when they wake up, the drink a glass before and after each meal, and they drink a glass before they go to bed. They go to sleep every evening hoping they will wake up and their skin will be magically hydrated, cleared, glowing and beautiful.

Due to the popularity of this theory, several studies were conducted in the hope of providing substantial science to back up the claim. In the end, this theory was proved to be noting more than a myth. Although drinking water has many benefits and should be drunk often, it will not help clear skin of acne or any blemishes.

Dr. Oz once did a study on Oprah with two twins. One twin, Alice, was told to drink plenty of water. While her sister Suzy was told to drink no water. They were shown on live TV drinking water, or not drinking water. The results surprised thousands.

At the end of the study, both twins had the exact same skin. “Whether the twins drank water or not made no difference in their skin,” said Dr. Oz. However, he didn’t end there. He furthered on to explain why drinking water failed to benefit Alice’s skin. He claims that the water found in many foods benefit the skin in the same way drinking water would. “We get a lot of water already without having to go and get extra water,” said Dr. Oz. “Now assuming you’re not dehydrated – and neither of these sisters were – you wont have that problem.”

Furthermore, a study done in 2002 by the Dartmouth Medical School proved eight glasses of water a day is not necessary to obtain clear skin. “That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t drink water – it just means that we don’t necessarily need to force ourselves to drink water in excess,” said the study.

However, achieving beautiful skin is not impossible! According to the Mayo Clinic, if the goal is hydrated, healthy skin the best remedy is moisturizing the skin while it is still damp after the shower. This will help lock in the moisture skin has soaked up while bathing.