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Beauty Mistakes You are Making

We all do it, some habit that we continually have in our everyday life that might not be the best for us. I know I am guilty of it but we all need to pick up our big people pants and stop because it can do more harm then we think. Here is a list of habits that are really horrible for us that we all tend to do.

Not taking your makeup off before bed. I know I do this, especially after a long night and I just want to sleep. The bad thing about this is all the damage it can do to your skin. The makeup can clog your pores and cause acne that can look and feel bad. Even when I don't feel like taking my makeup off I do the lazy version and grab a makeup remover wipe and wipe my face clean and then apply some astringent and night time face cream. It takes me two minutes and I'm good.

Not wearing SPF. Seriously people, we need to do this. I have SPF in my face cream and in my foundation. This is vitally important to us. Not wearing SPF can cause cancer or pre-mature wrinkles and it is something that is honestly easy to do. Make sure that whatever you are using on your face contains SPF and you will be good. Also, make sure you apply it to your back, not only your face.

Not protecting your hair from heat. I use to do this as well and it really is a simple fix. All you need to do is buy a heat protecting spray from the sore and spray it on your hair whenever you're going to us a blow dryer, curling iron, or straighter. I use one by TRESemme and I love it. This helps keep your hair healthy and stops it from getting split ends.

Not blending your makeup. Blending your makeup is essential to making sure you have the flawless, natural look. No one wants to have a different color face and neck. Make sure you are buying the correct foundation color first off and then blend it correctly , not stopping at your chin line.

These are just a few beauty mistakes that you can be making that can damage your skin or just your overall look. Comment about more beauty mistakes that you can think of or that make your laugh whenever you see them.

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