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Considering a cleanse in 2014? You're not alone, countless people sign up for these popular juices January 2nd every year. Looking for the inside scoop on all the benefits and other healthy tips for the New Year, we turned to renowned California-based company, Pressed Juicery and their experts. Here, they shared some wisdom:

What are the benefits of cleansing?

There are so many benefits to cleansing. In our regular, everyday lives we consume a lot of toxins that never really find their way out. When we cleanse and release these toxins, the results can be amazing. People experience more energy, weight loss, improved mental clarity, better skin, better sleep, and fewer stomach problems. People tend to also feel good about themselves and generally happier.

Do you think the results can be long lasting, even once you've resumed a regular food diet?

Yes, because cleansing often leads to healthier eating and life habits. Once you add juice to your diet and you cleanse, your digestive system gets the break it needs to reboot and rebalance. The foods you used to look forward to eating may seem unappetizing and you will most likely crave healthier, more natural foods.

How often should you cleanse? And for how long?

This is up to the individual. Our cleanses are designed for 1, 3 or 5 days. If you are a beginner, start with a 1 or 3-day cleanse and work your way up.

What makes Pressed Juicery different from other juice companies?

Pressed Juicery prides itself on having the largest variety of pressed juices, with the ability to completely customize your cleanse. We are strictly a juice company-- no gimmicks, no food-- we focus on making the best-tasting, highest quality juice and doing it simply and with integrity.

Tell us about your juices, what are the key ingredients?

We have so many to choose from! Our most popular juices are our Greens juices-- they include everything from leafy green lettuces, kale, and parsley to apple, lemon and ginger. Beets and carrots are popular as well.

You have a few cleanses, which one is right for me?

Take the quiz on our website and find out!

So many people begin cleanses after the holiday season, why do you think that is?

In our eyes, it is okay to bend the "rules" sometimes, and most people do. So you will see that a lot of times we indulge around the holidays and start to feel somewhat mentally foggy, or physically sluggish. By January, everyone is making resolutions and setting goals for the new year, and with that intentions to be healthier. Cleansing is a great way to start the year off right.

How often do you cleanse?

I change up my routine. Every so often I will do a multi-day cleanse (my longest being one month!), however usually my cleansing consists of one day per week or so of a liquid diet. This can include only juices some days, and also incorporating soups and smoothies on others. The idea is to give my system a solid break. In between I try to eat as clean as I can.

If you could pass on one piece of advice for us to take with us through the New Year, what would it be?

Meet yourself in the middle. Be gentle with yourself and set realistic goals. Nothing changes overnight, but with time and patience, you can make real strides in your health and happiness.

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