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Beauty is Skin Deep, but Ugly is to the Bone

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God Still Don't Like Ugly  is the second installment in the God Don't  series of books by author Mary Monroe.  The book  continues with the story of childhood friends Annette Good and Rhoda Nelson. Many people who read  the first book (God Don't Like Ugly) will remember the story of Annette's rape at the hands of her mother's boarder, Mr Boatright,  and how Rhoda murdered him.

This book continues to tell Annette's story in the first person, detailing all the emotional fall out that accompanies a life that has been filled with abuse and abandonment. As Annette begins to confront the demons of her past , going to see the father who left her and her mother for a white woman, she discovers a long lost sister who becomes a good friend and confidant. While visiting her father and sister, she finds out that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. Her sister and father have had their share of heartache as well.

Ms. Monroe's ability to help readers feel all of Annette's insecurities about her skin color, weight, and ability to attract a quality man will resonate with readers. The grey areas surrounding Annette's friendship with Rhoda (her mixed feelings about Rhoda's murder of Mr. Boatright) also make this an excellent  read. The beautiful thing about this book is that there are no absolutes. Even though when you think you know the right answer, you feel as though you really don't. Just like life, the obvious route isn't always the right way to go.

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