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Beauty Inspirations From Greece featuring Korres and Assouline Publishing

(Clockwise): Living Next To Delphi, Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refining Buff Cleanse,    Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facia
Courtesy of Assouline; Korres

While summer has unofficially come to a close, many of us are not yet ready to say goodbye to the cinnamon tans, sundresses and leisured beach days. With busy fall schedules ready to go, an exotic getaway may be the only remedy to cure our end of summer blues. Luckily, Korres has made it possible to take a lavish trip without ever leaving your desk. Featuring signature Greek ingredients like black pine, wild rose and pomegranate, giving your skin an exotic dose of radiance has never been easier.

A brand prided on infusing the natural luxuries of Greece into their skincare, Korres’ wild rose skin care products restore the quality of skin whilst evening out its tone and diminishing fine lines.Specifiically, their Wild Rose Advanced Brightening & Moisturizing Sleeping Facial features a blend of various oils (rose hip, soybean, rosemary leaf, jojoba) and vitamins (E, C) which work to heal and replenish parched skin often times caused by excessive sun exposure and harsh heat. Exposing skin to lengthy hours of sun not only leads to a dryer texture but also a weaker skin surface. Featuring a combination of similar ingredients, the Brightening & Refreshing Buff Cleanser uniquely polishes skin using a mixture of exfoliating sugar-citrus extracts, rice grains and cherry stones. After use, skin is left supple, hydrated and more refined.

If treating your skin to a Greek inspired revitalization is not enough, give your eyes and mind a visual vacation with a flip through Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala’s “Living Next To Delphi” (Assouline Publishing). The book captures the design revival of several luxury properties bordering the ancient Greek site of Delphi. Veta expertly encapsulates each unique mythological and physical inspiration of archeological site in each home she designed as seen throughout the book. Well versed in archaeology and architecture, Veta’s design practice is not only multifaceted but wildly unique and beautifully executed. From the use rich colors, to exceptional placements of one-of-a-kind pieces, each property vividly illustrates a story, colorfully changing from room to room, all of which are inspired by the spectacular site located at its perimeter. The oversized photos, signature to Assouline, offer the reader an escape to this exotic location, each more interesting than the last.

Whether it’s an indulgence of richly blended beauty products or an afternoon with a luxurious book, drifting off to an exotic place has never been easier. Welcome the new season with a proper goodbye to summer with these simple suggestions.

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