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Beauty innovations from IBS New York: Technology unites salons with clients

Frank Haggerty

Not only did IBS New York 2014 astound over 60,000 visitors with the current hair and beauty trends on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but the International Beauty Show also brought the latest technological advances and beauty innovations to unite salons and spas with clients.

Technology was at the forefront of the hair and beauty trends seen at IBS New York and IECSC.
Frank Haggerty

“Be inspired” was this year’s theme, and beauty inspiration abounded from every corner of the beauty extravaganza. On Monday the Long Island Beauty Lookbook Examiner was treated to phenomenal skincare and beauty breakthroughs and conducted exclusive interviews with Dana Lupton, Executive Vice President of Questex Media Group, LLC, one of the many responsible for the success of IBS New York and IECSC, and representatives from Salonbooker and Dermograph.

Among the many hair and beauty trends seen at IBS New York and IECSC were the technological advances within the beauty industry to unite salons and spas with its clients. Even the passes to enter the International Beauty Show and Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference were complete with a scan code to connect customers, because as Dana Lupton stated, “customers want technology.”

Since 2006 Salonbooker, a spinoff of Spa Finder, has streamlined the beauty business. Elysa displayed the simplicity of Salonbooker with a tour of the software. Stylists can access their appointment book and general calendar for the day, utilize the POS, send texts and email reminders to clients, log client services and so much more via personal logins or through the app for mobile devices. An appointment can also get booked when not in the salon, although as a stylist, I must warn against this. When we are in church or food shopping, we are off from work, which means we shouldn’t schedule appointments on a Sunday night when the salon is closed. Having 24-hour access doesn’t mean the stylist is accessible anytime, unless it's an emergency. However, after such an awful winter, Salonbooker definitely comes in handy when rescheduling becomes an issue due to delayed openings and store closings because of inclement weather.

Additionally, Salonbooker uses marketing tools such as mass email and social media, has a pop-up alert to assist in client’s retail needs and recently introduced Promote, a point reward system to drive customer loyalty.

Salonbooker is affordable, and not funded based off of users, and offers three monthly service packages to choose from. The technology truly simplifies everything for all salon workers, owners and even the bookkeeper and accountant, which puts the focus back on the client.

The Dermograph measures skin health, and was another intriguing technological beauty breakthrough seen at IECSC. Leena from Dermograph analyzed the Long Island Beauty Lookbook Examiner’s skin and detailed how the software and scanner works. The results were astounding and such a vital tool, which can be used for skin care treatments and products at the spa, to help the guest understand what areas of the skin are to be focused on and emailed to the client to use with the services of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon if one wants.

The Dermograph measures the health of skin with visible light, not UV light, and according to Leena, is “completely safe for pregnant and lactating women.” It measures 13 different characteristics including texture, luminosity, moisture, elasticity and firmness, and pigmentation and is completely customized to the spa-goer’s needs.

The skin-scanner takes three separate images; one from a distance, a scan of the cheek and one of the forehead. For optimal results, the skin must be cleansed and free of makeup, as foundation will alter readings.

Instead of paper intakes at the spa, the Dermograph has a progress tracker and based upon readings, the report will then detail what treatments and products are best suited for the consumer, which can either be printed or emailed to the client.

The goal of the new beauty technology is to of course increase revenue to the business and provide a more rewarding experience for the client at the salon or spa.

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