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Beauty; How to stop wasting money on makeup and skincare

Fact: Everyone can learn beautiful makeup application . Another fact: Women can spend thousands of dollars and not get the result they are looking for. It is easy to fall victim to a cycle of disappointment. The advertising is out there and with one click you will be inundated with every product on the market. Before buying online, look into your local marketplace to begin the search.

Walk into any cosmetic department, the “Use me!” and “Try now!” stickers on thousands of products can be overwhelming. Some creams promise to do everything but clean your house. These miracle products reduce lines, exfoliate, reverse aging, and give a more youthful appearance… and the list goes on.

All of this is hoopla is designed to get you interested enough to try the cream. If they can get you to play with it, you might buy it. They know you have one face, one skin, one lifetime to get it right, or at least improve it. The company has the advantage here.

Seeking a raft in this sea of cosmetics, you visit a cosmetic consultant (line person). Communication is vital in cosmetics. It is very important to ask questions about the products and determine the makeup artist skill level.

1. How long have you worked for this company?
2. What other lines have you worked for?
3. What are your favorite products, in and out of your line?

Collect written information on the products and a few samples. Ask any product questions and clearly explain the result you desire. Be realistic in your expectations. Surgery is the only solution for some clients. Over the counter products will not remove twenty years overnight.

If it feels like a good relationship, schedule a makeup consultation prior to leaving the counter. This is your chance to learn application, experiment with new shades, develop a new friendship and avoid buying the wrong products.

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