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Beauty Has A Price

Discover organic goodness + DYI beauty treatments
Discover organic goodness + DYI beauty treatments

Beauty has a price.

These days...
beauty products can be pricey. Spas...pricy-ier.
While organics are trending and so is DYI beauty remedies.

Introducing Le Pain Quotidien, an organic purveyor of goodness for the pantry that doubles for DYI good-to-go glow.
An at home spa all your own.

From honey and jams to teas and oils. Discover organic goodness + DYI beauty treatments.
Of course, all products from Le Pain Quotidien are completely natural and absent of free radicals or any pesticides.

Wildflower Honey
Think provincial meadow overflowing with lavender, thyme and juniper.
Did you know that honey can be used as a facial mask to calm skin.
Honey can also fortify and moisturize parched summer skin.
Slather on a few teaspoons of honey directly for 20 minutes. Yum.
Discover smooth skin--minus abrasive agents from random facials.
Did you know that honey is also beneficial for acne-prone skin.

Jasmine Green Tea
When thinking of green tea, muse the extra soothing jasmine fragrance. A calming sip, but also a powerful beauty incgredient. Aware that any green tea is an antioxidant, but jasmine tea sachets can also be utilized as an anti-inflammatory remedy.
Simply steep some tea, chill, and then apply with a cotton ball. Feel the ahhhmazing cooling calm.

Le Pain Quotidien also features some excellent elegant private brands, cultivated for dining and beauty.

Les Moulins Mahjoub Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This organic cold pressed olive oil is produced from the Mahjoub family farm in the Tebourba region of Tunisa. Extra virgin olive oil is acclaimed for its pristine gourmet qualities because of its mono-unsaturated fatty acids which imparts a pure pristine quality instead of oily residue masking flavors.
Its natural oils + Vitamin E and A also render it fabulous as a moisturizer or hair conditioner.
Apply to dry, unwashed hair wrapped in saran plastic for 15 minutes. Follow with a rinse and condition.
Notice the supple difference. Sheen and body.
Fabulous following long flights with dry cabin atmosphere.

Villa Rica Café Maison Ground Coffee
Besides the Peruvian java buzz...this brew can also be utilized as an exfoliator.
Try mixing ¼ cup of coffee grounds with 3 tablespoons yogurt and 1 tablespoon organic honey.
The caffeine grounds reduces inflammation and while the honey and yogurt saturates extra moisture.

Le Pain Quotidien was created by Alain Coumont, and launched in Brussels as both a bakery and bistro
featuring an organic menu. Since then, the corporate branding has been expanded to more than 200 bistros including 70 USA venues.

Visit the website

For more info, contact
Margaret Reinig

As fabulous as organic pantry items can be for wary of over-saturation that can inadvertently clog pores. Or any harmful food allergen reactions that could require other medical care.
Also be advised about cosmeceutical reactions that can also trigger assorted reactions.

To learn more about the dangers of DYI cosmetics and beauty treatments, check out this video featuring Ron Robinson, founder of BeautyStat ( ) and also a cosmetics chemist.

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