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Beauty From The Sea - Phytomer


This week I am on vacation in lovely warm and tropical Florida. This is a much needed getaway to calm my mind and soak up a little sun by the ocean. So I thought this would be a perfect time to chat to y'all about one of my favorite oceanic beauty brands - Phytomer.

As much as I love the sun and the salt water -- I know it is probably doing it's toll on my skin. That's why I have been combating the elements by using Phytomer's HYDRACONTINUE Radiance Energizing Cream ($54) and HYDRASEA Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask ($47).

I keep telling myself I better be safe rather than sorry. Dry skin = tight skin = wrinkled skin = stress = more wrinkles. It's a bad cycle. But thankfully, these hydrating products contain a fabulous magic ingredient from the sea -- Weaving Algae – brown seaweed found in the waters of Brittany, France . It works to stimulate the production of proteins in the skin to increase its natural water-retaining capacity. Problem solved!

Radiance Energizing Cream is the perfect go-to moisturizer as it is non-comedogenic, light-weight, has a fresh scent and gives excellent short, medium and long-term hydration. Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask uses an advanced delivery system (polarized Weaving Algae) to flood skin with hydrating marine ingredients. It can be applied to skin and left on for 10 minutes OR (my favorite new use) massaged into the skin and left on overnight for an added moisture boost.

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