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Beauty Expert Nick Stenson talks Prom Hair Trends

Eva Longoria Fish Tail Braid

Tell me about your early life. How did you become interested in styling hair?

I grew up around the hair business. My mother is a hair dresser. She had her own salon. I had a bunch of aunts and uncles in the business. I was immersed in it my whole life.

How did you get involved with Say Yes to the Prom?

TLC and JC Penney came together with a goal with providing accessories for the girls for the big night. Prom is so much more than the dress and the accessories. It's really about the head to toe look.

What hair colors are popular for prom this season? Is multi-colored hair popular?

It is really popular right now. It's been made really easy with hair chalks. The girls have the ability to throw a pop of pink in or blue to give that statement. We're seeing a lot of that this season. It's a really young, fresh, modern look.

What hair styles are popular for prom this year?

I think we're seeing a lot, a lot of braids. Everything from fish tail braids and waterfall braids. [Braids are being] incorporated into a high bun or down in beachy waves. [The braid] almost looks like a hair accessory, but it's done with their own hair.

What hair accessories are popular this year?

I think the biggest one started with Lupita on the Red Carpet. She wore the headband and she's made a statement. We're seeing a lot of headbands for prom.

Is hair worn up or worn down this season?

I think we're seeing both. It depends on the dress that the girl is wearing.

All questions were answered by the Artistic Director of JCPenney Salons Nick Stenson. To learn more about Stenson, visit:

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