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Beauty eBook review: How to Choose the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin by

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When it comes to beauty, there is no shortage of information on the web.  There are hundreds of books, all with their own point-of view, thousands of articles and links, and hundreds of blogs all claiming to have the latest in unbiased research and reviews.  But as with anything on the net, a wealth of information doesn't mean it's all good information.

How to Choose the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin, by is a 14-page eBook that has more pictures, headers and fluff than any substance.   The introduction to the book claims that we need to understand our skin to find the best moisturizer to meet its needs, but the following pages do little more than take up space.  Elementary-level information is regurgitated, and the end result is a reader who is left with no more understanding of what they need than they had to begin with.  If anything, some of the misinformation within the pages of this eBook by, leaves the reader more confused.

Most readers interested enough in skin care to read a book do not need to be told that "natural moisturizers are more and more popular these days."  Further, the book has several paragraphs that just end, without completed sentences and spelling errors a simple spellcheck would have prevented.

In the end, the book is a waste of time.  If the photos from the book were removed, easily the most interesting part of the book, there would be a platry 8 pages at best.  My advice?  Head to your local library for a great selection of skin care books that actually educate their readers.


  • Melissa Van Horn: Fresno Work From Home Examiner 5 years ago

    Thanks for the insightful review. I shared this article.

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