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Beauty by Location?

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Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to comment about what is considered beautiful where you live. I am from the Midwest and when I was growing up my ideal of what beauty was light skin and long hair. I know it must of been all of the Barbie dolls that influenced me at that time about what beauty should be and I also had pretty and handsome relatives. Still the Midwest beauty is not the same as a California beauty. If you think you are a ten in Ohio for example you are probably a six or seven by the time you get to California and then you can make yourself over to get to a California ten. You might just need to get in shape, or change your hair and makeup. You definitely want to change those country clothes that you thought were all that back in Ohio.

I had a slight country accent when I came here as a child and was made fun of and now I know why. When we got to San Francisco which is much more cosmopolitan than where I came from. My mom was smart enough to put me in charm school and modeling school to give me confidence and to learn how to apply my makeup properly. I ended up doing a little modeling and eventually some acting and then became a TV host. All of that education certainly prepared me for being in the entertainment business and getting rid of my little country girl look. I will always keep my Midwestern values which I think were great for me growing up in the Midwest, people always complemented me not just on my outside looks but my inside beauty as well.

Maybe all the big cities draw the beautiful people in because of the opportunities and the excitement of what the cities have to offer. I can also tell you that I learned some of the best makeup tricks from my drag queen friends and my gay guy friends gave me the confidence I needed to carry it well.

When you are coming from a small town, why do you have to look like your from the country? I know most everyone see's what is on TV and technology is everywhere. I guess most people do not really look at themselves and say, I can use a makeover and this is not the look for California, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco. I have been to all of these cities and have lived in most just to try them out. So for all of you that are going to move from a small town to a large city, you may want to compare yourself to how you look and how can you fit in to the big city life.

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