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Beauty breakthroughs in skin rejuvenation

Courtesy Dr. Tess Mauricio
Courtesy Dr. Tess Mauricio
Courtesy Dr. Tess Mauricio

To keep the Fountain of Youth flowing freely, the aesthetic industry continually leads the way with new and advanced therapies for skin rejuvenation. The new kids on the block, Skinfinity RF™ and the Eclipse MicroPen™, are now offering combined treatment to reverse the hands of time in just one visit.

“In today’s world of aesthetic medicine, stand-alone treatments are more often than ever becoming somewhat obsolete,” says Tom O’Brien, CEO of Eclipse Aesthetics, a leading medical device company located in Dallas, Texas. “These treatments are being replaced with combination therapies due to ever increasing patient demand for better results.”

Aesthetic surgeons are relying on multiple modalities to provide a more complete non-surgical solution for their patients’ anti-aging needs. Prior to this phenomenon, a single modality laser would be offered up as a patient’s best solution. Today’s approach involves treating the skin at each layer with modalities that complement each other. Some surgeons call this “stacking”, especially when they complement and combine skin rejuvenation with fillers or neurotoxins.

Skinfinity RF™, a fractional skin remodeling system, has emerged as an ideal complement to this combination treatment approach. It is a color-blind micro-ablative radio frequency technology that produces a great outcome for the treatment of wrinkles and acne scar reduction. It also improves skin texture and tone with minimal down time. SkinfinityRF™ balances the efficacy of the traditional ablative modalities with the recovery experience that is similar to less effective non-ablative procedures. Traditional devices such as the CO2 laser skin resurfacing devices often came with great risk. Conversely, the less heralded non-ablative lasers either fell short of expectations or simply did not work at all. By combining the revolutionary SkinfinityRF™ device with other proven treatments, patients are finding a more predictable path to obtaining superior results.

“The idea is that to counter the signs of aging the body is encouraged to stimulate collagen growth as collagen is essentially the scaffolding which our facial features are built around. By causing collagen formation via radio frequency (heat trauma) energy deep into the dermis, the benefits are seen on the skin’s surface. Therefore, SkinfinityRF™ is able to positively affect aged skin, inside and out,” continued O’Brien. “SkinfinityRF™ lays down the foundation for new collagen synthesis and serves as the stimulus on which the other treatments can build a more youthful looking complexion.”

As a complement, the Eclipse MicroPen™ micro-needling system can also be used to help induce additional collagen formation to the skin. This application is done by creating thousands of precise mechanical micro-injuries and micro channels. Surprisingly, this process can be accomplished with minimal discomfort. The MicroPen induced process also simultaneously creates micro-channels which allow for deeper skin penetration of select topical skincare products. Adding select skincare products to the combination therapy approach is considered by many doctors as an important part of the aging skin restoration process.

Tess Mauricio, M.D., a dermatologist who practices in San Diego, California, has discovered how to successfully orchestrate the combination approach into her practice by customizing the Eclipse products as well as other select technologies. Dr. Mauricio has created the well-known ‘Time Machine’ by Dr. Tess™ technique, which utilizes a customized treatment regimen designed to meet the needs of each specific patient.

“Often I can delay or even avoid the need for a face lift! More importantly my practice has been able to turn back the clock on my patients' aging process as much as a decade or more without surgery. The Time Machine by Dr. Tess™ is about taking the patient back in time by using a combination of specific techniques merged with select technology,” says Dr. Mauricio.

The Time Machine by Dr. Tess™ is a way of assessing the skin as a global unit and not just simply addressing an isolated age related defect. Upon proper patient assessment, a selected customized regimen is designed to correct and enhance the overall appearance of the patient in an optimal way. By applying sound medical knowledge with leading edge technology, Dr. Tess says that she can do things to help patients which may not have been possible ten years ago. She goes on to note that the SkinfinityRF™ and the Eclipse MicroPen™ along with other products are used in her practice on a daily basis with great success and high patient satisfaction.

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