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Beauty blogging with GoPro

Are you a blogger? Do you find it advantageous to stay ahead of the times in terms of content and new media to bring your readers? Better yet, are you considering vlogging on channels like YouTube? When mulling over new endeavors to entertain your audience, new technology purchases require a lot of thought. Obviously you'd like some icing on that video camera cake as well. Call the dentist because GoPro's Hero 3+ HD video camera is the sweetest tech in the market right now. Satisfy your reader's sweet tooth with its new immersive view lens, wearability, video templates and delicious mounts and accessories.

Blogging with GoPro's Hero 3+ Black Edition video camera has never been easier. Capture HD quality footage with its several useful mounts and accessories. Includes wi-fi remote, $399.99

A fantastic way to entertain audiences is to give them never seen before shots. GoPro's Hero 3+ camera has SuperView, a new video mode with the world's most immersive wide angle perspective. Also, the clear housing that the camera comes with is waterproof. Channeling your inner Finding Nemo has never been easier.

The Hero 3+ is also lightweight and small, making wearing it a breeze. Bloggers are often blogging their passions. So, why not do it first hand? Whether you win the Olympics, sky dive from space, surf, cook, do makeup tutorials or even rescue animals on behalf of your blog, this camera can capture the coolness. Attach it to your hat, suction it to your race car, mount it to a tripod or even let your dog wear it. Your options are endless here and are candy coated in HD quality awesomeness.

GoPro also makes it easy to become comfortable with editing your videos. Do this from the convenience of a phone app or your home computer. There are templates galore to pick from. They even have cool songs and edits worked right in. Who's the ninja video editing master now? You. High fives. Cue in your family and friend's wonder and amazement.

Finally, let's talk mounts and accessories. Whether you need your camera on a tripod or your surfboard, GoPro has you covered. Blogging mentionables include the Head Strap & QuickClip, Tripod Mounts, Suction Cup & LCD Touch BacPac™ Limited Edition. With these in tow, there's seriously no stopping you.

Since there's seriously no stopping you now, check out what's new with GoPro before you leave for your vlogging vacation of increased readership. Don't forget to pack your Hero 3+ and your swimsuit, blog friends.

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