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Beauty benefits of coconut oil

Just one jar of coconut oil can leave you gorgeous.
Trader Joe's coconut oil

Coconut oil seems to be all the rage lately.

Even celebrities like Dr. Oz and Khloe Kardashian are fans.

Television shows and beauty blogs are always touting the benefits of this item that can be found at your local Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.

So, how can this jar of oil make you look gorgeous?

Oil Pulling:

This has been in the news quite a bit lately. Oil pulling is practice of gargling oil to detoxify the body. The pulling is the idea that the oil catches the toxins and germs in your mouth before they get into your body. Some say by doing this you skin's appearance can improve, possibly being another way to treat acne. You start off by swishing your mouth with a tablespoon of oil for 20 minutes. The type of oil is up to you. Once you're done, spit out the oil (if you use coconut oil spit it out in the trash because it will solidify and possibly cause you a plumbing headache you don't want to have.) and follow with a good tooth-brushing.

Eye Makeup Remover:

According to Lauren Conrad's beauty blog The Beauty Department, coconut oil makes for a great water-proof eye makeup remover. Dab some oil on a cotton pad and gently remove the day's glamorous smokey eye with a couple of wipes.

Moisturizing Hair Mask:

Ran out of your favorite deep-conditioning hair mask and realized it when you just got into the shower? No worries! Grab your coconut oil and scoop about a handful out and focus on smoothing it on your ends. You can leave it on while you shave your legs! Just wash it out right after with your favorite shampoo. Looking for more softness? Slather on the oil and leave it on overnight. Just make sure you use a towel to cover your pillow to prevent stains. However, don't forget to wash your hair in the morning.

Lip & Body Moisturizer:

Since we're on the topic of moisture, coconut oil makes a great moisturizer for your lips and body. Keep chapped lips at bay by spreading a little bit of this on your kisser. If you ingest a little bit, not to worry. It's a healthy fat. With Spring and Summer inching closer, we all want to show off smooth and supple skin and smelling like you spent the week in Hawaii isn't a bad perk either. As for your skin, some say the oil can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by keeping connective tissues supple. Either way the smell isn't bad and these benefits are too shabby as well.

Shaving Cream:

Yes, you read that correctly. Get a smooth shave and have shiny and soft legs just like the models in the shaving cream commercials. Just rub about a tablespoon of coconut oil onto the desired area you want to shave and get to it. You probably won't have to apply lotion on post-shave either.

With just one container of coconut oil you could be saving yourself hundreds of dollars this year. Who would've thought one household item could make you so pretty?

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