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Beauty Basics: Makeup Routine for Moms

We all have those days. Get up, shower, get dressed, through your hair in a bun and run around getting errands done. Most busy moms don't have the time to spare when they have screaming children in the room next door. There are so many other things that take importance over their appearance that we tend to forget we are worth it!

Easy makeup for moms on the go

Yes, I have had those same days when I just do not give two cents as to how I look. We deserve those days but we also deserve to look and feel our best. A little bit of makeup will dramatically change your self confidence which will improve things in your social and personal life. Here is a super easy makeup routine for busy moms on the go.

1. Skip moisturizer and primer and use a CC Cream. I believe CC Creams are a step above BB Creams in that they also help color correct problem areas on the face. Great for redness and hyper pigmentation on the face.

2. Concealer under the eyes. This will help brighten your eye area and give the illusion of a good nights sleep.

3. Curl the lashes and apply mascara. Not curling the lashes actually makes it more difficult for the mascara to go on. Also investing in a good mascara would be wise to save time. I find that I easily spend 15 minutes on eyelashes alone when I have a cheap mascara.

4. Use a bright, shimmery neutral color in the inner tear duct of your eye. This is going to dramatically brighten your look and make your eyes look more awake.

5. No time for contour or blush? Grab your favorite bronzer and a big fluffy brush. From the top of one cheek bone draw a big 'W' across your face. This is going to warm up the face and give you a hint of color.

6. Skip the eyeliner and lip liner. Save it for date night or a day you have more time.

7. Tinted lip balms are the way to go because they moisturize and give your lips some color. I love to kiss my little guy all day and hate leaving him covered in glossy pouts. I'm sure its just as annoying for him when I have to wipe them all off.

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