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'Beauty and the Beast' withdrawal? Check out 3 other roles Austin Basis loved

Austin Basis stars as J.T. Forbes in The CW's 'Beauty and the Beast,' which completed its second season Monday. The series returns for a third season sometime in 2015.
Austin Basis stars as J.T. Forbes in The CW's 'Beauty and the Beast,' which completed its second season Monday. The series returns for a third season sometime in 2015.
The CW

Still reeling from last night's Beauty and the Beast finale? Wondering what you're going to do until season three starts? How about checking out something else one of your favorite stars is in? We recently checked in with Austin Basis, who plays Vincent Keller's best friend and sidekick J.T. Forbes, and he told us about three other roles that he'd recommend to Beauty and the Beast fans for their summer viewing. Read on to find out Austin's picks, and check them out for yourself.

Austin Basis (center) stars with Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk in The CW's 'Beauty and the Beast.'
The CW

American Zombie

"One of the films that I did was called American Zombie," Austin said. "It's a really fun, interesting take on the zombie genre. It came out around the time of Shaun of the Dead. It was right at the beginning of this zombie fixation in pop culture. American Zombie's just a horror mockumentary depicting four zombies living in modern-day Los Angeles. They've assimilated into society and are trying to find their way as any normal person is, but they have to be zombies.

"And it's an interesting documentary because there's the different levels of being a zombie," he continued. "There's the feral zombie. There are highly functioning zombies, which is the four main characters. And then there's kind of like an in-between zombie that are able to do like basic human manual labor but don't really have the personality of normal human beings. It's a very cinema verite take on zombies and what that would be like if zombies lived in Los Angeles."


"[There's] a film I did nine years ago," Austin told us, "it's a fun film called Boxboarders! where these high schoolers...they create this new sport called Boxboarding, in which they put cardboard boxes on skateboards and just go downhill.

"It all takes place in Laguna Beach, which is a great place. And it was an independent film that was done and produced and put together by and acted by a lot of people in the Laguna community including kids [and] parents. It was a very communally supported project," he added. "I wouldn't say it's necessarily PG, it has some adult content, but there's no real cursing in it. It's a real fun character, very much a fun project, and good memories of shooting in Laguna for a month in 2005."


"And the Supernatural episode I did - and also the web series that we spun off - called Ghostfacers," Austin added. "It was a team of five kind of bumbling idiots who fancied themselves ghost hunters, just like Sam and Dean [Winchester]. But they just didn't know anything. They had all the technical equipment but they just didn't know what they were doing.

"The [Supernatural] episode [in season three] was our pilot episode of Ghostfacers, and then the web series was a spin-off of us trying to really do it professionally and get paid and become famous," he explained. "It's really interesting, and Supernatural does this so well, while remaining really dramatic and kind of horrific at times, they always have this sense of comedy.

"I feel like Ghostfacers kind of turned the Supernatural dynamic on its head, because it was more funny than scary. But there are scary moments," he added. "I feel like the rest of the actors brought top-level dramatic acting, while being able to bring some jokes and make it funny. It's a really fun group and we always hope that there's a future for it."

Season three of Beauty and the Beast will air in 2015.

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