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'Beauty and the Beast' preview: Will Catherine leave with Vincent?

Fans of "Beauty and the Beast" can breathe a sigh of relief after a long wait to find out what will become of Catherine and Vincent on CW. This show is coming back for another season. On May 10, Carter Matt reported on the season three renewal by CW, and fan support is a big reason this series was picked up for another season. 'Beasties' are loyal and vocal about this series on social media. Catherine Ashton confirmed the renewal for a 13 episode order on her Twitter account when asked by a fan. This means CW is definitely giving the series a way to wrap up this love story for the loyal fans of this series.

Vincent will have a hard time in jail.
The Official Beauty and the Beast Facebook

This is not new for CW. They did the same thing for fans of "Nikita." Fans were given a six episode season four to wrap up Nikita's story line with Amanda and Michael. There is still more action during season two of "Beauty and the Beast" though. The series was put on the back burner by the network, and it will return with six new episodes on June 2.

Screen Spy shared the photos for the next episode, and Vincent will find himself behind bars on "Beauty and the Beast" episode 2x17 titled "Beast is the new Black." He was arrested for the murder at the end of the last episode. A preview released for the remaining episodes of season two show Vincent behind bars, but he will not remain behind bars. The video teases an escape from jail, and Catherine is ready to leave with him by the end of the clip.

Could season three of this series focus on Catherine and Vincent on the run from the authorities? That would be far different from the original series, but it could give the series an action feel that could amp things up for the final season? It is clear season three will end this series.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of this CW series on June 2? Share your thoughts on "Beauty and the Beast" in the comments section below.

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