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'Beauty and the Beast' spoilers: More drama is teased for Catherine

Fans of "Beauty and the Beast" will finally see what happens next for Vincent and Catherine tomorrow night. The series is returning to CW to air the final six episodes of season two on Monday. On May 30, TV Guide shared some new spoilers from Kristin Kreuk. She stars as Catherine Chandler on the series, and she had some big teasers to share.

At the end of the last episode, Vincent was arrested for murder, and this will put Catherine into defense mode. She will do all she has to in order to get Vincent out of jail. With his beastly side just underneath the surface, jail is not the best place for him to be. A sneak peek for the episode shows Catherine trying to frantically stop Vincent's arrest, but she isn't able to do that. There is new evidence that points the finger at him.

Kreuk revealed to TV Guide that she will go to Gabe for help, and they will share an "awful" moment. She did just break up with him, but he will still help during the remaining episodes. Kreuk also revealed that the remaining episodes will show Vincent and Catherine trying to figure out how to get out of the messed up situation they are in because of his arrest. Vincent will definitely be on the run.

The season two finale was also written as a potential series finale, according to Kreuk. She revealed to TV Line that those involved with the series were not sure if CW would renew the series for a third season. There is a cliffhanger during the finale, but Kreuk also teased that there is closure for Catherine and Vincent during the episode as well. Season three is already in the planning stages, and the shortened episode order for season three.

What do you think? Are you ready to see what will happen next to Vincent and Catherine? "Beauty and the Beast" will air on Monday night on CW.

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