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‘Beauty and the Beast’ season finale spoilers ‘Déjà Vu’

‘Beauty and the Beast’ season finale spoilers ‘Déjà Vu’
‘Beauty and the Beast’ season finale spoilers ‘Déjà Vu’
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The season two finale of “Beauty and the Beast” titled “Déjà Vu,” airs tonight, Monday, July 7 on The CW at 9 p.m. ET. In the episode, Catherine will be facing a tough decision.

The synopsis for “Déjà Vu” explains that Cat’s quest to find answers about how to stop Gabe will be revealed with the help of her ancestor’s journal. The revelations from the journal cause Cat to fear that Vincent may have to be killed in order to stop Gabe.

Previously on “Beauty and the Beast,” Gabe went off the deep end after Cat’s rejection of him for Vincent. As a human, he has proven himself dangerous, committing murder in his quest to “protect” Catherine from Vincent. Well, in Gabe’s current state, he is going to be even more dangerous.

At the end of last week’s episode, “Operation Fake Date,” Gabe saw that Catherine had lost all hope in him as a man. He also found out that Vincent was being exonerated and that Heather was going to come forward about his involvement in her kidnapping, so he made a decision – to no longer be human.

That’s right, Gabe is a Beast yet again, and he marked his return to Beast-form by pulling out the heart of Catherine’s high school friend, effectively killing the reporter, who he had sought out to reveal Vincent’s altered DNA to the world, which didn’t work out the way Gabe hoped. Yes, the reporter’s questioning at Vincent’s press conference to turn his fugitive-self in did get Vincent kidnapped, but Vincent’s kidnappers were responsible for his exoneration after they got what they wanted – Vincent’s blood.

Gabe was continuously on the losing end in this episode. He tried winning back Catherine by getting her to go on a date with him, but unknown to him, Catherine referred to it as a fake date. She only accepted his ultimatum to get Gabe to call off the reporter. When Gabe found out about Cat’s dishonesty, he made sure the reporter was present at Vincent’s press conference. Vincent’s exoneration was partly thanks to Gabe and the reporter. O yeah, Catherine almost killed Gabe in this episode, and it was Vincent who saved his life. Looks like that was a bad decision.

On the cute front, J.T. feared that he and Tess weren’t sexually compatible. Heather was getting bachelorette party help from Tess, and those plans created some insecurities in J.T., but Tess reassured him that those insecurities were unfounded.

In the trailer for “Déjà Vu,” Gabe’s killing spree continues. It appears that he wants to kill those who matter to Vincent. There is a pair of broken, bloodied glasses on the ground. J.T.’s? It looks like there is going to be quite a battle between Vincent and Gabe. Cat, of course, won’t be letting Vincent deal with the Gabe problem all by himself. Cat visits her father in jail to discuss what’s going on with Gabe, and also tells Vincent that this battle is her destiny too.

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