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'Beauty and the Beast' 'Don't Die on Me' recap: Everything's changed

Beauty and the Beast -- "Don't Die on Me" -- Pictured (L-R): Jay Ryan as Vincent and Amber Skye Noyes as Tori
Beauty and the Beast -- "Don't Die on Me" -- Pictured (L-R): Jay Ryan as Vincent and Amber Skye Noyes as Tori
Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

"Beauty and the Beast" season 2 returned Monday, Jan. 13, with episode 9, "Don't Die on Me," and a common theme was change as everything has changed for these characters.

The winter premiere of "Beauty and the Beast" picked up the morning after the fall finale, with Cat giving her report of what happened to Special Agent Hendricks with the FBI's Internal Affairs, minus any mention of Vincent, of course. After, Gabe reassured her that she wouldn't be caught and gave her the "I'm always here for you" line, but she was focused on the fact that Vincent hadn't chosen them and the fact that she still felt responsible.

So how was Vincent doing? Well, he clearly needed more medical attention than he could give himself with his doctor past, but he refused to risk exposure, even as Tori suggested a cover story. "Amnesia, it's real," she pointed out. Oh, he was very aware. When Cat stopped in to check on him, Tori made her feelings clear and he told her he wasn't her problem anymore. She reminded him she had given him a choice, and while neither wanted it to end like that, it had. Just as Cat was excited about moving on – and she meant it – and not having to cover for Vincent anymore, Hendricks told her they needed to talk again, this time in the interrogation room. Some things had come up. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Tori went to J.T. for help, even as Vincent insisted it wasn't that bad. "You're such a guy," Tori said. Even though Vincent needed a hospital, he still refused to go and instead, J.T. was tasked with going and stealing medical supplies and blood. After he left, Tori received a phone call from Laura Scott, an associate with the law firm representing her father's estate, about papers that needed to be signed – if she wanted her father's secrets to remain secret.

Even as Hendricks pushed and pushed, Cat stuck to her story, but a bullet, with blood on it, was found at the scene, matching a standard police weapon. She was suspended, her badge and gun taken, and Gabe continued to try to help, this time by offering to make that bullet disappear so she wouldn't have to worry about it matching her weapon. Nothing she said would change his mind, and all he wanted in exchange was "hopefully, drinks." Oh, Gabe. Before that conversation could go any further, however, Tess came over to report J.T. was caught at the hospital. She picked him up and gave him a little lecture about knowing where to draw the line to help Vincent and let him know that she knew there was another reason other than loyalty for him doing all this for his friend.

Elsewhere, Tori met with Laura, only to find out that her father had apparently owned an antiques store despite not caring about antiques. When Tori pushed for answers, Laura basically threatened her, which resulted in Tori beasting out before leaving. Uh-oh. Cat checked in on Vincent, who finally admitted why he wasn't going to the hospital. "I don't even know who that is anymore," he said when she pointed out they'd just find out he was Vincent Keller, not that he was a beast. Their conversation was interrupted when Tori walked in and told them what happened, and when Vincent wanted to go check out the antiques store, Cat shot him (again), this time with a tranq gun, and went with Tori instead.

Gabe paid Reynolds a visit in his cell to update him on the situation and told him he'd do anything to help her. "An ex-beast liking my daughter is better than a real one, I guess," Cat's father conceded. Speaking of beasts, J.T. and Tess found Vincent passed out and J.T. began blaming himself for what had happened as he began working on his friend. He revealed that he had been the one to sign Vincent up for Muirfield, as he had seen the study and thought it would just give him an edge and a better chance of surviving. Tess pointed out that he should then take responsibility for the good Vincent has done as well.

At the antiques store, Tori couldn't help but wonder why Cat was helping Vincent. "You shot him, which punctuates a breakup like nothing else can," she said, but just as Cat noticed something on the wall, Laura and her henchmen came in and threatened Cat's life to get Tori to cooperate. (Cat's protest that she was a cop didn't really mean much considering she didn't have her gun or her badge.) They were hired to find out what Tori's father had been hiding, and Laura forced Tori to look into the retinal scan on the wall.

A secret passageway was revealed, and when Cat was forced inside at gunpoint, she fought back and Tori closed the door, locking her in. Cat used the handy flashlight app on her phone to investigate and discovered a partial (beast?) skeleton (with shackles?), while Vincent showed up and saved Tori. Once Tori let her out, Cat called 911 and told her to tell them the truth: Vincent saved her. Oh, and look, handy reason for the gunshot wound!

Gabe stopped in to see Cat and let her know that she didn't have to worry about the bullet anymore. The results came back as "No Match," thanks to Gabe switching bullets, something her father helped him with, and that was hopefully the end of cover-ups for them. Maybe they could be honest. Something had changed for Cat, as she had realized that she had felt like she owed Vincent something for saving her over and over again, but she didn't feel like that anymore because she had seen him save Tori instead. She could really move on, so how about getting coffee with Gabe?

Finally, Vincent woke up in a hospital room to Tori sitting at his side, and yes, the police took his fingerprints, so they were going to find out who he was. "Everything's changed, why not this too?" Tori asked. He didn't have to completely hide. He could tell the great story of "Vincent Keller, war hero," and everything else could remain their secret. So Vincent held a press conference. "I am Iron Man, I mean, the Beast," he said. Just kidding. "My name is Vincent Keller."

"Beauty and the Beast" season 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on the CW. What did you think of the winter return, episode 9, "Don't Die on Me"?

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