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'Beauty and the Beast' 2x18 preview: Vincent decides to stay for Cat

Fans of "Beauty and the Beast" were shocked when Cat was taken at the end of the last episode. The search will be on when the next episode airs on Monday night. On June 6, Spoilers Guide shared two sneak peeks for the episode, "Beauty and the Beast" episode 2x18 titled "Cat and Mouse." Vincent will still be in New York during these clips. That shouldn't be a surprise to fans really.

Vincent is the only one that can save Catherine from kidnappers.
The Beauty and the Beast CW Official Facebook

On the last episode, Vincent decided to go on the run. Catherine was about to leave with him, but the cops showed up to stop their departure. Vincent left without her, and he made it look like she was an unwilling accomplice to his escape. However, something will happen after his departure. She will hear a sound, and she will think he has returned to take her with him. It isn't Vincent though, and Catherine is taken captive.

On this episode, Tess will first think that Vincent and Catherine are together. The first sneak peek shared for the episode shows her spotting Vincent on some camera footage in the city. She immediately goes to Gabe to tell him what she saw. She makes it clear that she hopes he will keep her friends safe. At this point, she still thinks Catherine is with Vincent.

The second sneak peek shows Vincent meeting with JT. Vincent is not too happy when Tess arrives at the location, but her first concern is Cat. When Vincent makes it known that Catherine is not with him , Tess tells him that Cat is missing. This puts Vincent on high alert. He has come back for Catherine, and now he needs to find her. Tess makes it clear that he can't go out looking. People are still looking for him. However, the photos for the episode do reveal that Vincent will find Catherine.

TV Guide also shared a spoiler about Cat's kidnapping. Fans will learn early during the episode who the kidnappers are. Kristin Kreuk also revealed that these kidnappers will play a huge role in the action for season three.

What do you think? Who kidnapped Cat? "Beauty and the Beast" will continue to air on Monday nights on CW.

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